BnS – a tale of wasted potential

BnS development is either lazy or simply not given enough money and priority by the company. List of problems with this game include:
Constant recycling of existing NPCs and bosses. Bloodmane is Wintermane is Terrors and SSP Terrors, Ogong is in 3 different dungeons.
Recycling of dungeons and areas.
Vipercap Cavern is just Avalance Den, with different mobs
Cold Storage is taken out of Blood Shade Harbor
Awakened Necropolis is just a recolored version of Highland Necropolis
The game is poorly optimized. Running the new DOOM and BnS on the same machine with max settings in both, I get better FPS in DOOM.
Bugs, Bugs and more bugs. Mobs that reset over and over, stutter jumping if you jump too close to a ledge (hello Naryu Lab), etc, etc.
Spam bots, bots that farm SSP, bots that farm BW, bots in Arena, bots that farm rich resource nodes, bots that want to be your friend.
P2W events that drop powerful AP boosting gems.

Looking over the 1st of June update, we see Be Ido is back (more recycling of content), in a setting that looks a lot like Naryu Lab (again recycling). I had hoped this was a passing thing, but it is starting to smell like there’s a philosophy at NCSoft of trying to squeeze as much money out of their customers with as little effort as humanly possible.

I imagine a conversation at the NCSoft offices might look a little like this:

NCSoft developer: Boss, do you think there’s resources for us to make some new content for the players?
NCSoft manager: Hahahahaha! Good one Jim! Have a look in the trash and see if you can’t dust off something we used last time.
NCSoft developer: But sir… don’t you think the players are gonna notice if we keep re-using the content over and over?
NCSoft manager: Not a chance. They’re too busy opening over-priced RNG-boxes with tiny chances of getting anything worthwhile.

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