BNS Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

Story thus far: BnS released in the west, players were unhappy with high cash shop prices and especially character-bound outfits. NC West recognized this as a problem. Rukkirii posted that they’re working on a solution. I don’t have the mad skillz to find and quote the original post, but here’s what he(?) said.

“We wanted to jump in here and let you know that being able to trade costumes across an account is something we are in fact working on. Once available, this will be a new purchasable consumable that can be used on an already purchased Hongmoon Store character bound cosmetic, which will allow it to be mailed to another character on your account.

We don’t have an estimate of when it’ll be available just yet, but we’ll be sure to provide additional details soon as we have them.”

There are many threads on the subject, but none of them focus on the real concern: will this new consumable solve the problem, or come across as just a cash grab to disappoint and alienate prospective outfit buyers? It’s great that NCsoft recognizes Hongmoon Store cosmetics as something that needs to be available to all characters on an account once bought. This tells me they do listen to player input and gives me hope that this MMO might be worth sticking with.

What worries me is that the new consumable will be a non-solution such as allowing a cosmetic to be mailed once and then needing to be bought again for further mailing of the same item. I want to communicate clearly that this is not an acceptable solution to the problem. It’s not a solution at all, it’s a plain and simple rip-off and not what we’re asking for.

At these prices the cosmetics should be account-bound to begin with. If that’s not an option for technical or other reasons, a reasonably priced consumable that turns an existing cosmetic into a version that can be mailed to other characters on the same account unlimited times is a good enough solution. If that mailable version can’t be traded or salvaged, that’s fine, but it has to be mailable forever.

How do you feel about this consumable?

Wanting reasonable prices and fair business practices is not pathetic. Unnecessary hostility and poor reading comprehension may be pathetic; these things seem to go hand in hand more often than not.

How the cash shop works in Vindictus, GW2, SWTOR or STO is irrelevant. Similarly, how other regional versions of BnS do things is irrelevant, as they’re tailored to fit their customer bases and the spending habits of those cultures. What we have here is what we have here: this game we’re playing, this version.

While I do agree that Sassychan’s solution is a simple and elegant one (solves the problem and adds value to premium as a bonus), that’s not what NCsoft is going to do. They’re giving us that consumable. It’s not a question of if but when: an NCsoft employee stated it’s in the works.

So, our best shot is to work with what’s possible and convince them that the consumable needs to be fair and not a cash grab in order to have the intended effect (encouraging people to buy cash shop outfits). For all we know, it’s going to be just like it should be: buy once, mail item unlimited times. But it doesn’t hurt to communicate early so we don’t end up with something that only makes the problem worse.

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