BNS pvp experience

hi i have been playing bns since start of the beta and i noticed some things on classes and on what i have learned so far from other classes.
iam a kfm player but i feel as a kfm i have a disadvantage againt all other classes as i wil explain it.

as kfm i reached to 1700 rating in pvp and i know how to do the combo’s as killing someone from 100% to 0 and every class can do this if u learn the combo
but what i want to have on my kfm is just some minor isseus that makes me lose the game if i use certain skills and the skills either doesnt work

for example the Freez skill of kfm i get that classes are imuun to cc often and cannot be frozen and iam fine with that just whats anoying is when i want to use my freez skill as defendse
and while iam near a class thats is imuun to cc my skill goes off but i dont get the freez ball above my head and i wont be able to be frozen after enemy hit and this is kinda anoying and random @ times
cuz what happens often is that when i wanna use my freez skill @ that moment and for example Blade dancer use there imuun skill @ same time as i use my freez my freez is denied only cuz the blade dancer is imuun to cc and i get that the blade dancer wont get frozen but me as a kfm i want to use that skill as defendse to i wil be frozen after an attack has been made on me but cuz the enemy is imuun my freez skill simply dont work.

and this happens often againt alot of classes who are imuun for a short of time and most classes dont need to time on when an opponent is using certain skills
i get that the kfm is a hard class to master but the smallest things makes me lose the game for example

a blade dancer can spin so manny times and for me to block @ the same time as a Blade dancer i get stunned there for advantage goes to Blade dancer same goes to Destroyers or blade masters it seems
they have a clear advantage over kfm and i have to predict and need to have Great knowledge about every class there abillitys
as i was in 1700 rating i get to play againt blade dancers, assasins and blade master. they just have so much imuunity that i as kfm i have to predict there actions as i also have to concider my own skills what is usable againt those classes and 1 tiny mistake as a kfm is my death when other classes can escape multiple times out of cc

i fought againt blade dancers who waste tab on there first cc and yet they are able to win just cuz they can spin and use attacks and shields so long until there tab is back up again + there dps is exreemly high
so as a kfm my freez skill is 1 of the biggest things i need when i know that a class gonna attack when hes imuun but cuz hes imuun iam not alowed to freez myself i have to run so far away from him to use my freez skill to get frozen..

also its extreemly hard as a kfm to win againt assasins they can attack whenever they want and i cannot use my tab for the first combo they do
there first combo deals 70% of my life if i decide to use tab they wil throw me in a webspin combo and kill me there while when a assasin makes a few mistakes cuz i can stun them catch them they can escape out of stuns 2 times + being invisible the entire match and has the advantage to attack whenever they are ready i have to predict on when they gonna attack and counter play them but cuz of so manny escapes they have i have to play a perfect game when they have to make 1 mistake for me to win wich is nearly impossible.

so i hope the freez skill of kfm can be upgraded just a little so kfm can do something about those classes when its already hard.

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