Bots spamming is out of control

Okay, seriously NCSoft, how bloody hard is it to implement a script using a combination of repetition detection and regular expressions to stop these Blade And Soul Gold sellers from spamming us to oblivion? I am seriously sick of having to block these idiots every 5 minutes. It really is not difficult to resolve. In fact, here is a list of three things I would like to see.
1) Get rid of bots in ARENA MATCH CHAT! We can’t block them, we can’t report them… They are there, right now, really, yes REALLY really, yes even now. Oh my !@#$ god, even right now, and guess what? They’ll be there in 15 minutes too.

2) Develop a script that checks for percentage of repeated text. If the text is mostly repeated, short of a few numbers as suffix, it’s a bot, or idiot wanting to get banned. Further add a frequency checker. If you spam more than 3 times in 20 seconds and the text is similar, blocked for a minute! Further, get some regular expressions thing going for filtering out websites. It’s not that hard. I’ve been playing MMO’s for over 15 years and I can easily find a powerful enough regular expression that would filter out most of them. I am sure a reputable company like NCSoft has at least one logic programmer with more than an amoeba in their heads to figure this one out.

3) Give players the power to silence people. Don’t worry and stop thinking with tunnel vision… This will not get abused. Say 100 people are needed to block a spammer. On a server, that’s easy!! Heck Mushin has like what, 5k logged in right now? 10k since there is a que? 100 is EEEEASY to find. You could also have a soft reset, so if someone doesn’t get reported for like 1 minute, counter resets. Also you can implement a percentage of all online people that are required to vote-kick someone, so not just large servers can do it.

Pardon my brusque tone but this seriously is just deplorable. Please pass this on to the dev team or Give-A-!@#$ department, but get it to someone! I don’t care if you give me another violation point for my boorishness; at least I know SOMEONE actually read it.

Look folks, I like this game, I really do, but don’t make me be the first wallet warrior to flounce at this B.S. (no that’s not Blade & Soul acronym…) and close my wallet until I feel like this problem is resolved. It’s out of hand and easily resolvable, so why build a player base that wants to support this game but is too blinded by their disdain over such nuances? It’s an easy problem to resolve with many avenues to do just that, and being a programmer myself, this isn’t just a conjecture as to what may work; I’ve seen this used successfully in a few games in the past.

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