Challenger and/or sparing soul shield from the tower of infinity

If you are a 400AP BD with low or zero crit def trying to take on a 750AP with 50%+ crit def on your own, then that is just not smart. That’s like complaining that a 400AP BD can’t solo Yeti! Also it takes more than one tower to actually win a match. If there are 2 700+ AP people guarding a tower go and cap the other 2. Team co-ordination and a good understanding of what the other non-AP stats are and what they do are more useful here.

If the other 5 members of your team are also 400AP then fair enough. There really isn’t much you can do there. Just chalk that one up to really bad luck. But if the rest of your team isn’t then you shouldn’t. A 400AP player can still stun/daze/knockdown/grab a 750AP player to help their other higher AP team mates.

Challenger and/or sparing soul shield from the tower of infinity. At least 3 of one of those would be good or ideally 3 of each if you can. Challenger is a random drop from the chest you get from floors 30+ and Sparing is a random drop from floors 20 to 29. Most people go for Naksun for the other 2 pieces. Fuse crit def and crit to those. You should aim for 50% crit and 50% crit def or above.

I think piercing is more important than crit in PvP. With high crit defense on your enemy you can’t base your damage output on the rare crit you get and even if you crit that damage will be cripled as well. Piercing on the other hand will raise the damage of every hit on most targets (unless they have really low defense). 30-50% damage reduction def is not unusual.

It is better – but it is far from good. And the problem is not that there are better ppl or ppl with pvp-ss (i mean they have an advantage obviously) but because the teams are not correctly balanced. For Example if you play with 4 guys between 600-500 and 2 guys between 400-500 against 4 700+ and 2 500-600 guys it is completly done (if you have pvp-ss or not -> in case not: it is over a bit faster). But just by swapping 1 or 2 of the 400 guys with the 700 it will be balanced…

Why is it always the usual ten who is descend in mass to stump for devs but eh whatever. I see no problem in equalizing the gear so many of you all say get good well GET GOOD I don’t know how equalizing gear will affect your game experience. Stop pushing against the majority of people who want this change and scaring off new people with your disparaging comments.

Actually there is. PVE has a clear progression path increasing dungeons in difficulty and reward. You need to clear the lower ones to be able to clear the harder ones. The only changes that happen in PVP is who you’re paired against. PVP should be about testing player SKILL against player SKILL. The increase in difficulty should come from fighting people who are just better than you are, not someone who’s no-life’d or whale’d the game.

No that is your opinion. There are 100s of games where gear matters for PVP so that cannot possibly be a rule. If you want gear equalisation you have arena. If you want to use your gear that you worked for and put some thought into tailoring your stats to exactly how you want them to be you have 6 v 6. BNS isn’t a moba.

There is no reason for WWV to be equalized and it will never be equalized. Please just stop complaining . it is not a arena for one. It is a Battleground, so it is different. 1v1 is equalized and 3v3 is equalized. There is also a new 3v3 coming to NA eventually which is equalized. Leave 6v6 alone. It is only day 3 of the patch. The gear balance is fine, Honestly you should know not to go into 6v6 without some crit defense.. Give it is time honestly people stop asking for equalized. Gear doesn’t equal skill. As the so called geared people get higher in ranks. You will see people who are lower geared and around the same ap as each other get matched. So again please give it time they are balancing it. Just never will equalize it.

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