Challenging vs Punishing

I enjoy challenging games with a learning curve that goes up even long after you thought you were good. A good challenging game is fun because you get to grow as a player. Punishing is like getting hit outside of boss attack indicators you were never in.

Do you find PvE challenging or punishing?
Do you find PvP challenging or punishing (although it’s based a lot on other players)?

(If you believe either are easy, then you’re just stroking your own you know what and aren’t contributing. If not that, you forgot when you were new at the game.)

I find current PvE content (from the beta) easy, especially as an Assassin. The fact that I can stealth through almost all content and never get hit makes it a breeze. I have to stay aware of my cooldowns and timers, but other than that it’s a breeze. You are given the necessary tools to combat the enemies effectively with every class, so it’s definitely not punishing.

I don’t think PvP content should be discussed in terms of difficulty or punishing. The reason I say that is the difficulty is based on the skill levels (and class choice) of both players, and the higher you get up the ladder, the more your opponents will punish mistakes.

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