Combos with nightblade – “Dark strike” (?)

Hi people!
I´m trying to learn the nightblade. My level is 8 at the moment and i wanna learn how to use my “dunkler Hieb” (should be “dark strike” or something in english). In the combo-description one can read that i have to be in decoy-mode and then push “F” to use that ability. But if i am in that decoy-mode and i push “F” nothing happens.

Can someone help me please? What am i doing wrong?

a player answer:

What you mean should be the skill lightning crash. There is no special prerequisite, just going in stealth and using your RMB should make you able to press F.
However, if you are not able to do so, it may be that you are not high enough level wise. Don’t know for sure tho, only leveled sin one time. The only thing i know for sure is that you will be able to do so after you reech ~17 and get to use skill points for the first time, because after that the rotation of RMB and F in stealth becomes your main spammer combo for pve.

Edit: Oh and btw i’m german too, but for the sake of others understanding your skill names and such you should consider playing in english. Makes things more easy, at least if you are decent at english. If not… good opportunity to learn it. But you dont seem to have problems with it.

On top of that.. my ears bleed when i play games with german voice acting.

Edit 2: Btw. the first time i came here i was like “you should have added the name of the class you are talking about”. You did. The german translation is just horrible^^ it’s Nachtklinge in german, but assassin in english. Just found this kind of funny to realise this just after typing the above.

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