COMPLETE MADNESS (Blade and Soul Funny Moments)

For this Blade & Soul Funny Moment, IslandWonder and Ickle travel far and wide and come across many different creatures along their journey such as the likes of Tom Selleck, AKA, Papa Palm Tree, AKA, Richard from Friends, Gordon Ramsey and a familiar face from last weeks video!

I want to see more BnS stuff from you guys. Your BnS stuff is what helped me find this channel btw, Keep up the good work. You guys are really funny and great in my opinion.

I’m not sure at the moment, I might do some occasionally but I’m not having as much fun with it now as I used to I might do some for new gods and stuff like that but there is going to be less on the channel now.

All the love and support really got me motivated to record as much BnS as possible and I honestly can’t wait to show you all the ridiculous shenanigans IslandWonder and Ickle will be getting up too… With maybe a few other people’s adventures being followed along the way as well (WE HAVE TO BRING BACK GRANDMAWONDER AND MUSTACHY AT SOME POINT, I MEAN C’MON! They are a… Ahem… Beautiful couple?

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