Dear forum lurkers, posters, readers

Let me point out a few issues and how you guys exagerate on 99% of the issues currently the game have, and how you demand stuff and try to convince everyone else its the way you say it is!

1. Bots in arena, and I quote “they are everywhere”.
First of I been in Arena quite a few times, I got a lvl 39 Warlock, a lvl 45 HM 3 blade dancer, over the two characters life time, I only encountered like 10 bots in Arena.I rarely played tag match that’s true, but in 1v1 there was like 1 bot for 12 players. The logic here is simple for these guys who keep complaining, they got beaten to pulp, well it must be a bot. On a side not for stupid assassins, your invisiblity is not completely invisible in the bright arena, js. No, it’s exactly the opposite, you win to easy, the opponent uses monotonous pre-defined combos and skills, that’s when you have a bot.Now i only met around 10 of these so called Destroyer bots, and they are to be laughed at, I could’ve killed them with just running around and punching them in the face from time to time.

Over the course of leveling up those 2 characters mentioned above, I only saw 1 bot train next to Profane Jiangshi, and today saw one at that blue dragon in hongshed pastures or wth is it called I forgot. I am on Twin Wagons just in case you wonder. There is usually 1 or 2 bots popping up every 2-3 hours in faction chat once silenced they don’t come back. How to silence them? Block Spammer button. Same with whispers except I only got 1 today which after blocking it never happened again. Only real issue is the constant frend request which can’t be blocked but they are being worked on as the developers have stated on twitter.

3. Hackers
I have yet to encounter a player that hacks, flies for infinite or whatever the *cricket* you want to make up they doing. If you are trying to tell me that if a Destroyer 1 hits you it means hes hacking that’s complete bullshit and I know because i had a Destroyer friend who told me how to use a combo correctly that can deplete your HP in 1 combo. Provided that he can make it. And I bet many other characters can make an appropriate combo as well.

4. Lag PING whatever!
I have taken the liberty to share this once and here I am going to share/say it again. Windows 10 communicates with Microsoft 24/7 while your PC is on regardless that you are playing or watching a movie, it also shares update files in a torrent like manner across the internet as long as there is internet, it does it. It was discussed and it was one of the main privacy issues in Windows 10. It’s simple to disable all of it however the settings are scattered all over the control panel and they are hard to find. However this program helps you with that, and no more ping and lag issues (or at least not for me) – the program doesn’t install anything on your computer, it simply points out to you what settings can be disabled to save bandwidth and gain back your privacy.

5. Bots in Dungeon – i can’t play omg cause everyone is afk.
In all those 39 levels of my Warlock I haven’t encountered 1 that would have been a bot (used the cross-sever for every dungeon mind you), I did encounter low level alts who yelled at us that he knows the game much better than any of us cause he has a lvl 45 HM 5 main. Not that we care. Frthermore there is a vote kick option, but all of your party members have to vote that member to be kicked out. Not sure if it actually works cause I never seen it in work, but if it’s there it may be fixed and workable.

6. Compensations for 4 hours offline of the game for premium users
You go ahead and demand for compensations from a free 2 play model, what the hell would do if you paid for the game and the servers would still go offline from time to time = Black Desert Online? You don’t believe me? Go try?

7. GameGuard this, GameGuard that
Black Desert Online has a much worse counterpart called XingCode 3, and it does pretty much the same as Game Guard. I don’t see anyone complaining.

8. FPS drops lags whatever
I think I found the culprit for this, and its the character/NPC names on your display. If you disable them most of the lag and FPS tank should go away – or at least it did for me. This is nowhere a final fix, but until they fix it or optimize it, it should work. Movement lag and fps drops are because slow and fragmented hard drives, use an SSD instead or defragment more frequently.

That’s all I can think for now, and these are the basics that pop up every 2 hours as a crying/flaming/demanding/threatening topic, so read these and maybe you re-consider making a new thread. And stop ruining new comers experience before they even try the game. Its not their fault you suck, and you did not get what you wanted. This isn’t a welfare organization, it’s a gaming company.

I have bought platinas countless times that’s what kind of premium I have. I have yet to see a procedural map on that game, they are all the same, either straight or reversed, that’s not really procedural. Farming Draco and Ceres for a life time to gain ranks which can only be achieved by leveling up weapons (never the same mind you) or frames (which aside the cash shop ones are pretty hard to get, unless you buy up all the prime frames you can and level those up). I have no idea how you survived 3 years of the same repetitive bullshit with their very few game plays which are nowhere new (tower defense, survival, more tower defense and more survival … and some zombie survival which they re-named to infestation due to legal reasons). I am pretty sure there are/was/will be spammers on their forums that you wont see because their moderation team is active.

Oh and they release a new frame every now and then which somehow acts the same as the previous ones, except they mix it around. Turmix ftw. They also release weapons in the same time which does pretty much the same as the previous ones with a new model and animations. GG.

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