Especially getting void on 2007 Runescape

I enjoy your videos keep up the grind and giveaways. Don't mind all the sheep they can be herded and learn to be open minded. Media and News are not always right some report on their own opinions do your own research and comepare sources. you should do all the easy

Extreme lag with relatively normal speed on speedtest

My friend is having extreme lag playing this game despite having relatively normal speed on speedtest, not really fast speed but she has no problems playing other MMOs. Her speed I believe is around 10mbps, which is perfectly normal for the garbage internet we have here in Canada. In fact

Feel free to share your experiences and bns thoughts

Hello, so it's nothing special I want to tell about. Just wanted to share my experience with NCSoft. Just want to tell a little backstory of this whole letter that actually forced me to write it. So I once, a long time ago, got obsessed with Blade and Soul and went

Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

So... as of this morning, Soulstone Plain just hit the all time highest in term of price, 4g95 to 5g for one key. If nothing is going to change and the price keep going up like this, new and undergeared players will be crushed to death from the sheer pressure of


Hello dear players,moderators,nssoft workers etc etc. I am start play this nice game before 40 days. I am fast lvl up, i am happy everyday , little drop rate but i am slow farm everything what i need. Little angry for everyday see full ssp bots with injured soldier and with meteor, i

Suggestion: Improvements To Weapon Skinning UI

I know there have been other threads concerning the weapon skinning system, but I don't think anyone has made a suggestion quite like this. If they have already, I apologise in advance. I did a search but it's not possible for me to read every post in every thread about