DUN BE HATING ON MY STICK! – Blade and Soul Gameplay

What’s the point of that video ? This is not even gameplay, this is literally just 2 person, talking together & it doesn’t even sound natural. Really no hate or anything but how do you endup making a video like this? It’s the only video, i’ll watch of you, why? Because it’s seems you don’t care at all, & simply played for an hour bns, then make a montage of 10m, it’s ridiculous i don’t know if you realize. It’s take sometime to make a montage but seriously i could’ve done the same. Do you enjoy making video & upload it on youtub?

I really feel like no, & you’re doing this to grab some views on pretty much all mmorpg, dude, each video is a montage of 10/20m of a mmorpg, talking with your friend or whatever, do stream man, but stop video, or change the way you’re working, i don’t know it’s very weird, you upload a video 2/4time a week, but you’re not explaining or saying anything worth your time. If i want to hear a dude & girl talk, i just go outside bro.

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