Effective Blade And Soul Gold sink if priced appropriately

Yes, yes, we have those “wigs”, but those pale in comparison to an actual barbershop! I know tons of people appreciate having the ability to change their character’s appearance on a whim. It was one of the most asked for extra features in WildStar, FFXIV, and Rift until they added it – after which they saw a lot of use. So here’s my summary of why we should have a barbershop.
Benefits over “wigs”:
– Less inventory space wasted, which is especially important when we know inventory is going to be a total pain when storing costumes already
– Gives you access to more hairstyles, as I doubt they would implement wigs of all the styles in character creation
– Can allow you to change more than just hairstyle
– Effective Blade And Soul Gold sink if priced appropriately (not too expensive – remember, gold sinks work best when players don’t really think about the gold they spend, meaning they will spend more often)
– … possibly more? Share why you love barbershops!

There are two ways to implement this kind of thing:
1. Full recustomization, with price scaling depending on the changes you make. Examples of this system are Rift and WildStar. You can also offer an NCoin option of payment.
2. Limited recustomization, with either a flat or scaling price. This usually includes hair style, hair color, makeup, facial hair, and face accessories. Examples of this system include WoW and FFXIV.

Anyway, I’d like to put forth this request to NCSoft folk, and perhaps it will travel up the pipeline. I was actually pretty shocked that there was no barbershop in this game as it’s become such a standard feature in all the MMOs I play. I use them a LOT in other games, and I’d love to see it implemented here!

Not if they went with Option #2. Vials of Fantasia are a HUGE seller in FFXIV despite it having a barbershop. I know of people who have bought literally dozens of those things. Though NCSoft could also eliminate appearance change vouchers and simply provide NCoin alternatives (or restrict certain major changes, such as body customization or race change) within the barbershop interface.

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