Especially getting void on 2007 Runescape

I enjoy your videos keep up the grind and giveaways. Don’t mind all the sheep they can be herded and learn to be open minded. Media and News are not always right some report on their own opinions do your own research and comepare sources.

you should do all the easy and medium quests to get all the basic xp so you get a good lvl without training it, also you can do sand crabs and afk there to train defence since you dont wanna do melee since it costs food, but sand crabs doesnt require food and higher defence means you can tank for quest bosses as well, also it would be better on the safeside to get a higher hp lvl. Meanwhile, Cheap Runescape Gold is also on a big sale! Coming later this year, Jagex is planning some significant content patches. We all can see a better future of Runescape. i know that it will be boring but its better on the safe side in case something happens and quest bosses can rekt you at a low lvl

Like always, grinding on my OSRS Hardcore ironman was tons of work and time, especially getting void on 2007 Runescape… small guides on simple things also along the way.

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