Everybody knows summoners are a broken class

They know that it is an issue. NCSoft will not do anything about it. They wont hear you out. Summoners are worst in 6v6 imo. The heal, endless knockdown, and stupid grabs are too much to deal with. If they have crit def, you’ll spend days killing them…DAYS! You better freaking pray you dont go against three of them at the same time.

Everybody knows summoners are a broken class, even themselves. The thing is, NCSoft don’t care about our opinion, they probably don’t even read our topics. At arena? Ok… Sometimes you find very bad summoners and you beat them, even though still with some difficult. At the 6v6 they only need some critical defense and voilà, you will probably need a good part of your team to kill them (not easily, though). Plus, their cat have more HP than us, so? How are we supposed to kill that cat? Everybody got used to the fact that the 6v6 isn’t balanced anyway and there is nothing we can do about it, but having 3 summoners with critical defense in the enemy team is like having to fight against 9 people (counting their cats)… Even after they die the cat keep attacking us, and it makes us waste time. Summoner is the cancer of this game!

Also you should know that when a summoner dies, all the cat can do is bump you with its head nothing more, it cant CC, cant attack, cant do anything. Also 6v6 is a team based battleground you are not supposed to go solo in on people there. I have seen so many 6v6 where people just wrekt summoners because they actually used brains to kill them. And do you really think summoner is all about spamming 2 buttons? Every good summoner knows when to not hit a kfm to avoid giving them their buff, or attacking a bm during their ranged deflect, or when to cc a destroyer or bd, or when not to hit a FM / when to CC them, its not rocket science,


If summoners are soo op, how is it that a big majority of the players actually has no issues beating them? Every few days comes a thread “summoner too op” how about a rant against other classes? How about broken BM at the moment? Or KFM with their 100-0 combos? Wonder what you would say if the cat got removed and all the CC ability would go to the summoner and summs would be like a BM / KFM just with heals? Would you cry then too?

You always will be defending your own class, cause you don’t want devs to nerf it. But summoner is op and this is a fact. U need very simple math and basic theory of probability. Just look at the rankings 1vs1 and Infinity Tower, the two reliabe ones. Look at the larger group, for example 1-300 ranks (more ranks = more accuracte). Summoners are dominating. You can’t just say all sumoners are playing so good, so they mastered their class (plus better gear on IT), and every other class are lame and undergeared.

Yea i was againts gold summoner yesterday, dmg was small but what made me lose? Resist for 10 sec and low cd, his flower is hard to see if cat is around because cat will cover the model, and cat does cc and dmg + summoner has its own CC (which should not even happend in *cricket*in game like that). Its difficult to aim at summoner becasue we dont have lock target mechanic (other action mmos do, strange isnt it?) . IF you dont attack cat, cat gonna *cricket* you while summoner can run and run. They have broken heal now more than any class which should be happening. And you compare KR to our server WHERE we should HAVE different gameplay system (ofc not much of difference but at least noticeable one) and i bet summs are at top there.

You throw BMS and KFMs, i can agree with BMs cuz i met the flame build one and he killed me like in one stun but KFMs combo was here for all the time but lemme tell you this the KFMs COMBO is not that easy AND you dont see many KFMs because its not easy class and its easy to say which KFM is a bot or not unlike in summoner case where cat still tracks you in stealth while you dont have any kind of debuff.

So yea summs are broken, oh and you pointed some things that are broken while defending them that means you know shit how balance should be especially if that was aimed on Esport at first.

And last but not least there is a reason why there are many topics. Once again KR servers run much longer and the balance changes are recent so most of ppl there have hm skills or high end gear that we dont have, and most ppl runs atleast in hm 10 or more so yea wanna argue more how KR is different from other server?

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