Everyone may enter the maze for free to win their reward

You are quoting something that you can edit on at the time you quote it. It is also not a set in stone definition. But I can point out that if we hold to your definition, then Every game since 2010 is Pay to Win. Because every game has included micro transactions now that allow people to gain things at faster rates, even WOW.

Every character needs that book only once though, right? So if 4 people need maybe 10 hours for a book to drop that means after 40 hours we already have as many books as there are players. Even if the wrong book drops, it can be sold and the right book bought for it. Availability seems fine then, imo. Given time, everyone will get their book.

“Core feature skills”.. where’s the difference to weapons, for example? Both are things to progress your character, to make them stronger. You won’t get the best or very good weapons just for nothing. So why skills? I know other games give you all skills out of the box (just by reaching the right level), but that doesn’t mean it has to be so.

The point is, if you don’t pay with money, you have to earn it in game the legit way. Other people can simply pay their way through it instantly. No time investment, nothing, creditcard and they are good to go. It’s not that hard.
You are buying power other players have to farm for and thus, earn it INGAME. As a player who pays for the item, you are cheating the fking game and are better than the ones who didn’t earn it ingame.

This is a juicy trollpost aint it? Well since I’m here lemme just stick the tip in for a sec. The Op is obviously new to the whole “endgame” system. He hit 45 and was like ooooooooh sheeeeeit, I’m broke than a mofo and can’t upgrade my sheeit. I need to go tell somebody how angry I am….OOOH OOOH I KNOW. lemme go troll the forums with yet another P2W post. Hey Op, if the mmo is starting to *cricket* u off then take ur lazy ass outside and get some fresh air. Find some real carbon-based lifeforms to play with. Just a lil FYI, this game is not pay to win. It’s just a Korean grinder. There’s a difference Teddy Brosevelt.

If you can skip all the hard work just by buying the stuff it’s pay to win. You can simply buy that book, and your character will be better than the others, even tho you didn’t invest as much time as them. You will win games in Arena bcause you were able to wave your credit card, since you didn’t need to farm the book or the gold and so skipped ahead of time to actually earn it by ingame means.

but p2w is When u can make micro-transaction purchases that makes Ur stats/Damage/Survivability Higher then what a free to play character is capable of. u can farm these books, u can farm gold to buy these books, many have reported making several hundreds quite easy playing the market, also u could of been farming Soulstones, as their prices are abit to increase MASSIVELY due to the release of the warlock.

Reason I aint fighting if its p2w, because It simply does not matter, a Free to Play game, isn’t ment to be FREE, its ment to get ur money through Ingame products rather then gating you out of the game til u pay, the game NEEDS to make money, they cant simply NOT make a profit in the game, Welcome to the world NOTHINGS free, u either pay for entertainment or u get the bare minimum.

Everyone may enter the maze for free to win their reward, there is a perfectlyt viable Route to the Centre for everyone to figure out leading to the Centre of the maze to earn that prize, everyone gets the exact same prize, no matter how long it takes or what they do to earn it, identical results, One guy Pays to have the item given to him without entering the maze, Is anyone Unable to get that prize, No everyone can earn it, however some people wont have the time to dedicate to getting through the maze, and Some people will spend ALOT more time earning that prize.

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