Favorite Side-Characters

Whatever character not part of the main quest, pick favorites! You can have many, if you’d like. Show ’em off! Tell us why you like them.

I’ll start.

Shin Gong

Stratus Empire Historian, found in Razorwing Ravine
–Her Story–
She’s a very accomplished historian. Has done extensive research and published many papers. Despite these accolades, she is chained down and unable to get ahead in her career due to what is essentially nepotism.
Kosan is the son of the Chief Historian’s best friend, and is almost like a son to the chief himself. Kosan is not the brightest nor the most charming. He is not a bad guy, but he certainly has not earned the title of Chief Historian, a title which he takes after the prior chief retires. He means well, and has a good heart. That’s all he has.
After the many years of hard work, Shin was unable to get the position of Chief. In a fit of frustration, she screams during the ceremony that dubbed Kosan the chief. She had to be dragged away.
— —
A sad and frustrating story it is.
But she’s so cute!!!
Partially because she has male-Lyn exclusive hair and has nothing exclusively female going for her. Shin Gong best trap 2016
Shin is also a rather male name

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