Feedback/Review about the blade & soul and some points

Hello, I am creating this topic to talk a bit about my experience in this game and report some points for that (if they wish) can improve.
The game overall is very good. I loved the skill tree system, skills, unique dungeons passing an experience more each dungeon made among others.
But some things been bothering me and making the gameplay experience of the game and is making me come to play stopping gradually. Whenever a MMORPG game I say to myself, when you reach the maximum level that is where the game will start. I can best take advantage of all the contents of the game and endgame pve (I’m just a pve player). But here, when I got to level 45 I feel that there are aspects of the game holding me, giving a delayed to be able to enjoy the end content of the game. I will talk about them and try to clarify my point of view.

1 – Loot System dungeons: For me, this type of system adopted by the game is unfair to some. From what I understand, we have a game focused on the money. Everything is money and extremely expensive.
I say unfair because always those who have the most money will be able to win the item. There’s a chance to everyone who participated in the dungeon and fight against the boss a chance to win and fight for the item. For someone who has participated in every fight you have to simply give up an item just because someone who has money made a bid to which it can not cover? We just have to wait for someone unfortunate with less money to appear in dungeons or the good will of those who no longer need the item leave the item for those in need.
My proposal in order to resolve this kind of thing and leave more fair to all participating in the dungeon: A random system. Thus, people could choose to ignore or choose to play the “coin”, so the game would launch internally random values for each disputing the item and who had the biggest win the item. Thus, everyone would have the same chance to win and play items.

2- The Economy and money gain: I realized that the game is entirely based on money. In currency. Where everything is absurdly inflated to the point that a single level 10 are buying an item to recover your HP and have to pay 10 silver. Wow, the level 10 evil quests offer 50 cooper and we have to pay 10 silver?
I reached the maximum level and I am attached to it, I feel that I can not enjoy the level of heroic dungeons 45 because I have no money. I can not give me an upgrade items because it is simply too expensive. The game forces me to have to keep doing daily quests tirelessly to those which did not offer a good reward for the effort put to realize them in a considerable amount to see good money.

+Good skills system
+good dungeons
+good maps
+good gameplay
-poorly loot system
-broken economy
-inflated prices
-cash gain does not match the price of things within the game
-Extensive gameplay to be able to enjoy anything, this course if you have money.

One thought on “Feedback/Review about the blade & soul and some points

  1. 1. Loot system is OK IMHO. Reason is that regardless of some mogul that might come in the dungeon and grab every single item for horrendous money, that bid money is equaly divided among the players who did not leave the area. So for example the mogul bids on an item 100 gold so that no one dares oppose his bid, that money does not go to the game and vanishes, but is split among the players who stayed to see how the bids turn out. If two left to the next area and you were in a 5 man party, the remaining 2 people will get 50 gold each from the winner bid. OK. you lose all the auctions in this run, but the money gain from auctions is not to be neglected.
    2. Economy is inflated but that mostly because ppl do have the money to sustain it. if not, prices would drop. I know how hard it is at the beginning. At level 36 I struggled with my first char with my meager 3-4 gold. At lv.45 you gain ~10-15 gold from daily quests spending 2 hours a day. Now, with my alt, I’m at lv.33 and have already 24 gold from simply playing the market and selling crafted or raw materials. After 2 months, I got the hang of the economy and simply enjoy the game 🙂
    2.5 For gems, just buy for a few bronze triangle or square gems and transmute them. You’ll get HP recovery, damage, stun gems for a fraction of the mentioned 10 silver.
    Hope you did not quit and will enjoy the game.

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