Feel free to share your experiences and bns thoughts

Hello, so it’s nothing special I want to tell about. Just wanted to share my experience with NCSoft. Just want to tell a little backstory of this whole letter that actually forced me to write it.

So I once, a long time ago, got obsessed with Blade and Soul and went to a server called so ‘Atomix’. It was still alive back then, and the only versions available by paying were Korean, and Chinese in its last CBT builds. Pretty much the game was bugged and I was forced to quit it. That was a few years ago. However, later on, I was informed that Chinese is going OBT, and with my wooden connection from stone age, I kept downloading it straight hours, letting it to transfer non-stop so I could try it, not mentioning that I wouldn’t even be able to play properly due to the ping. But the excitement was insane, and even with a 350-450ms ping, I managed to get to 45lvl with a BM and get the full lanlan bopae set which now still remains on that character even on this day. After having insane troubles with ping and getting bored of it, I migrated to the unofficial RU server, on which, I was able to play with a decent ping and find a great english community clan, named ‘Aevum’, which, to me, gave a wonderful experience I always wanted. I don’t even remember right now if I’m in the guild on CN, but let’s leave it out.

The main point of this whole messy thread is when clan informed me of EU launch. You see, we have been told that it would arrive in 2014 soon, which was since 2013, and yet it only happened in 2015 to launch as CBT. I was willing to buy the packages back then, however having troubles with the munnies at the day, I didn’t, and subscribed for the newsletter. Surprisingly, I was given the CBT and could play, and boom – I was on the slow-ass internet, later accompanied by completely internet-less, and couldn’t play, and joined the OBT. That’s when it starts…( non intended references ) after giving EU some attention, I must admit I like that NCSoft gives the attention to the players, and don’t leave them forgotten. Although we don’t have as many events or such as I have experienced on CN(oh my god, they literally gave tons), but not a long time ago I was given 2 serial keys to redeem and I was really satisfied that they don’t leave players out, don’t forget them. Maybe many others got it too, or not, I’m no clairvoyant, but it got me there.

Apart that, I’m glad with what I’m given right now on the OBT, although CN gives way more content than EU right now, it’s nothing to compare – 3 years since CN launched. Although we are really far from Korea(considering we got hair update that KR had ~2 years ago?), it’s way better than nothing. The only thing I can tell is the poor port for mid-end systems, as myself, having a laptop with decent enough parts, but I kinda feel unsatisfied getting 20 FPS on max, while I could get way more than that on CN, but that’s a whole different story. I’m glad we don’t have any major bugs, and there are only a few minor bugs there and here that I have noticed(like terrain loading is glitchy and a few others), so I’m good enough playing on lowest graphics as long as I get the story and gameplay. Just the fact that some parts of the game are different than CN I have experienced.

Feel free to share your experiences and thoughts, wouldn’t mind to see some of the old players too !

Just got triggered from the gifts to share some experience. I didn’t use chinese forums back in the day, did I. Used BnS dojo, and mostly what I had interest there is the guides, builds, translations, communication and events haha. Now at least I can share a bit of it. Tried to keep it as short as possible hehe.

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