First off BnS is notorious for being bad optimized

I can’t reply to each one of you but this one caught my attention the most. xxxAoi, Who are you fooling? I’m happy everything is working out for you. I’m sure more than 50% of us have already quit for various reasons. Open your eyes.

First off BnS is notorious for being bad optimized. Google it to see how many complaints about it. I’m not going to get so technical about this BUT this is an obvious issue. And if you think BnS is invested in a good hosting server. You can keep believing. LOL

“The daily challenges alone can give you 15+ gold.” You talk like 15+gold is a lot of gold. -_- So you are telling me, if I login today, then complete Daily Challenges in one hour. All I get is 15+ gold? 15+G per hour? This is with quests. After that your gold per hour drops tremendously. Okay I can buy one Honorary Ornament. I’ve upgraded all my Legendary Accessories. I’m telling you 15+ gold aint worth crap. I’ve farmed Tomb and Citadel more than 100 times. Legendary Accessories don’t drop everyday. I’d be really lucky if it drops this week. Sure these high dungeons give out items, it doesnt mean you get it all for yourself. Come farm with me, but give me all the loot okay?

I opened my clan to a lot of low geared players. I realized how hard for them to get Naryu Tablet. For them to upgrade their weapon, they require plenty of Naryu Tablets. Don’t give me crap about “They can buy it from dragon express with Heavenly Energy”. Daily Challenge rewards give them 4 each day, It will take them atleast three days to get ONE NT! Lol. I’m sure a bunch of you always can’t even run with someone under 600AP. Let’s not act dumb here. Everyone wants 650+AP for Tomb and Citadel. If you cant carry one 500AP in these dungeons with your 700AP char. Just stop playing. I do have a suggestion for this issue tho. If you have a first time dungeon runner in your pt, Boss loot should be more hefty. I got this idea from a different game. You’ll be amazed how many high level characters will take you anywhere.

Yes clans can provide their own events. I can host my own event without a clan. What’s your point?

About battlegrounds, yes you need to survive to defend but you also likely need to kill to capture. Having to go against multiple summoners is always hard match up. It is not impossible but it is a hard match up. I have complete Legendary SS set myself, I will less likely to die if my summoner is next to me. Having Summoner in your team DOES matter even just a little bit (sadly they do offer a lot of stuff). Do you guys even play 6v6? This is worst in WWV, and like I said, not so much for Beluga.

Also I want to add. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP aint worth anything anymore. I have been a premium member since launch. It needs rework.

If my grammar sucks, deal with it. Too lazy to proofread. haha

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