FM can survive double air combos as well

You lot are very unfair, destroyers and some other classes can kill a player in one short combo but you are mad about air combo that does almost no damage. We have to beat on people a lot more compared to most others, the boost is fine, y’all just mad to be killed by something smaller than your giant pornstar charas, yeah come at me mad besterds.

From this list, majority of the skill boosts are for PVE. We only ue storm cleave in PVE and multislash boosts is only useful if we use wind build (Wind Focus). 99% of PVP BD uses lighting build, so multislash boosts is useless in PVP. For lightning draw, we can either learn stage 1 or 2. That’s a little boost with the damaging field. If you can’t get out of that little straight line of lighting field in PVP, that’s your problem. For the grab, it relies to the team member (6v6 or 3v3) to do the grab for us. Lighting flash, I am not sure what the cast speed will be increased to. It is quite fast already. Maybe 0.5 seconds faster? LOL…

BD PVE damage sucks so bad. They are at the bottom list of all classes. We got a little boost in skill revamp back in september or october, but that just made BD to survive longer in PVE due to more hp leech skills.

In PVP, i don’t feel BD has advantage. if you are saying BD is spin to win class, then destroyer is also the same. Almost every class has 1 KO combo (actually BM has 2 KO combo). It depends on if you wastes your tab escape skill on useless stuff or not.

BD has huge advantage against range classes, especially FM, cause he can block our skills either iframes, range protect or spin deflect, so most of the time we can’t dps, rest of the time we are in the air, grabbed or cced. If we miss tiny windows between resist, and BD will avoid tornado the match is over. On the other hand BD can survive 2 double air combos and still easly win the fight, as the taking like 20%-30% at most.

FM can survive double air combos as well. BD 1 air combo can do around 5-15% dmg only. It is the combination of other skills that can make 1 KO combo. Air combo is just to stall time. FM have two ice shields too that can heal additional hp if people continue to attack you. You can instantly heal back to 100% hp if they were combo-ing you. Can BD heal back that much HP in less than few seconds? Every class has advantage and disadvantage. BD’s disadvantage is versus parry penetration like most of WL’s attack skills. If BD is really that good, they should be at top of the pvp list. However, I only see 1 or 2 BD up there.

It is only true if the BD player uses full DPS mode (in which he can only use stun to cc boss). Any class can do high DPS with good ping and without using any cc skills. DPS and ping is related to each other. When I have 150-200ms (my usual ping), I can do about 20-25k dps. When I have 250-350ms, i can only do about 12-15k dps. My ping never goes below 150ms. If you have the ping issue, it is hard for you to get good dps. When I see a destroyer with lower gear level than me can dps with 25-35k, then I know he has really good ping.

Of course it is but ping should never be an argument in a dps discussion. Every class is shit with high ping and every class can do good dps with good ping. BD can do great dps, so can SUM and SF and even destro is not that bad if the players knows how to play. Destro might not be one of the best dps classes but it’s not that bad as people try to explain so often.

Not every bd has 8 pc turtle + elemental. That’s without mentioning the ping issue that FrozenB pointed at. As a HM 11 bd with 5 turtle pieces and no legendary accesories or weapon, playing on NA from EU, and at 705 ap, I am tired of hearing things like “dont be a useless rat, kid” in 4-man dungeons due to my dps being lower than BM/Sin/Others even though I grab for them all and HM guard and do a “decent” dps. Aside from me not being a furry, nor “cute”, not at all a kid, etc etc. I never insulted anyone for making their chars “human-like” in a game, lol, nor do I complain about any other class’ skills. They all have weaknesses and strenghts, so to say.

melees have range resistance skills? You mean iframes? Q, E, SS or skills with iframes? I am not sure what you are referring here. If you refer to spin, you know there is 0.5 sec window that can penetrate the spin without getting stun? Most of the FMs in high gold rank can spam attack without getting stun once. Again, you need good ping in order to do that. If melees have no range resistance skills, then it is all GG for melee. No one will play melee classes in this game since literally, they will all die before they can come close to range class and hit them once.

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