Hello dear players,moderators,nssoft workers etc etc.
I am start play this nice game before 40 days.
I am fast lvl up, i am happy everyday , little drop rate but i am slow farm everything what i need.
Little angry for everyday see full ssp bots with injured soldier and with meteor, i am done report everyday same bot on all channel, can someone explain me why they havent BAN ?
If i am start play this game with my real girlfriend we are get autoban 2nd day at lvl 10 ,because we are login from same ip adress, WTH ?
I am try 100 times maybe more farm any rich quartz, but imposible if i see on same place same BOT press “F” loot everything and i have nothing.Maybe best idea is random spawn quartz no on same spot.But NCSOFT know where is problém but they havent time to repair.
Before last patch i am done farm Necro and i am happy when i see Merchant of wonderer i think i am see every 4-5 run .Is good i think,


I am done farm 20 times in row Necro i see 1 Merchant with crap charm,i am spend coins for 10x reset Cold storage and 10 x Heaven i see only 1 Merchant with 3 soulstone “RARE” bundle WTH?

I know all “FREE MMORPG” need make some money , i am no kid , but NCSOFT cant everyday make lower and lower chance for drop items , spawn Merchant etc etc .
What are u thinking ? We are normal players we want spend our real cash , but i will never pay of i see what u are doing , better i can say ” you are doing “NOTHING”

lower chance to drop key on ssp only HIGH player with 600AP can farm prestige and only they can get chests ?
What you want from me ?
I must spend 1000 euro or what or i must buy bns gold from goldselleers or what u want?
Go and check Marketplace u will see a lot of items on Marketplace with OVERPRICE, expample 1 sousltone for 1000g ,maybe i am not clever but 1+1=2 , You rly dont know why any player put on market crap item and try to sell for overprize ???? I will give you answer , its simple, he spend real cash no for NCSOFT but for blade & soul goldseller and he put items to market and blade and soul goldseller will buy this items from him , easy trasfer gold for real cash . I think this isnt news for you , but why you dontt make something with this????

omg, i and all players, we are want only play this game , we want farm,grind , but we havent any location for farm any dung for grind


every week we have lower and lower chance to farm items what we need for upgrade
moonstones are overprized because lower drop rate
30% population on servers are bots spamers scamers goldsellers

omg NCSOFT please make something special for normal players we all are rly angry , if you can do only little thing please make answer on this post thanks

btw veryone who have same feeling with moonstones,merchants bots etc pls share this post, make answer or make “+”
If we all players will be stay together NCSOFT maybe will make answer for us and maybe this game will make us happy everyday thanks

Good luck ingame and in real life

MageMiki server Windrest

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