For people enjoying the game right now

1) How many level 48-50 alts do you have?

I don’t have lv48-50, but have a lv45 WL and on-the-way-to-45 BD. They are mostly crafting alts and for a quick change of playstyle, but I will eventually bring them to lv50.

2) What gear are they in?

True Infernal weapon and Awakened Infernal accessories. Not intended to go higher.

3) How did you go about supplying the means for their gear?

I main a lv50 summoners, who can craft low-level Transformation Stones. I just craft and throw all evolution materials that my main no longer uses to them, along with some pocket money.

4) What set of gear did you leave your main in?

True Pirate weapon. True Oathbreaker earring and ring. Awakened Oathbreaker Bracelet (currently uses a Python one for more critical damage). True Siren necklace. Scorpio Belt (not the upgradable one). A mix of Naryu, Yeti and Asura soul shield.

5) Are you possibly multi-maining?

Not possible. I play like 3-4 hours per day, and it will take weeks to months to upgrade from True Pirate to True Breeze. I don’t want to imagine doing the same with my alts.

6) What is your outlook on future gear with the character(s) you enjoy playing?

Not so bad. Currently, my Summoner may not have the best AP (only about 530~), but she has high critical damage (214%), reasonable HP (60k) to farm Soulstone Plains and critical rate (51% with Python Bracelet, 56% with Awk.Oath bracelet). Will need to lower the HP in favor of some ACC for Asura by putting away some Naryu pieces with Yeti ones. Going to take a few weeks to upgrade from True Pirate to True Breeze.

What I want is to be able to run 4-man with my clanmates. Or smoother our 3-man farm with purple dungeons. Currently, 3-man them is doable, but somewhat close to enrage timer. Better weapon will get us faster farming.

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