Frequent disconnectivity at the loading page for NA servers

What’s wrong with BnS today? Upon 8 runs for Blackram Narrow, I got disconnected 3 times AT THE FINAL BOSS STAGE, why don’t you just disconnect me from the start but the final stage? At least it could save my time if you disconnect me from the start. The ridiculous thing is when my new character is soloing Pokey and I got disconnected once out of 3 tries. Seriously? Pokey? It isn’t eats up that much of graphic, am I right?
I am pretty sure my network is perfectly fine so nothing to do with my network. Plus, previously when I am leveling my other characters, it was working fine but just not today. I am running BnS in windowed mode, and upon reaching the ‘deadly loading screen’, I am pretty sure a dead meat.

The situation is at the very first stage of the loading bar, my client will undergoes not responsive and load all the way until nearly the end of the bar, again not responsive and if I am lucky, I can get through that. The loading screen took me about 30-40 seconds which is ridiculous. I know there is a trick to stand closely to the portal for few seconds to let it pre-load so you can skip the deadly loading screen, and I did that. Unfortunately, the stupid loading screen just kept popping out.

Anybody from NA servers having this issue? This is super duper duper duper frustrating as you know the feeling like yes, I got a chance to get the blight razor drop soon and then BOOM, you are dead. If I were to describe the stupid loading screen, its like dark soul. Anyhow then BOOM you are dead.

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