Friggin BnS support is useless


Did BnS change server location or something yesterday? I am located in Phoenix, Arizona and on the Mushin server. Starting yesterday my in-game latency has just been terrible between 200-300ms. Previously it held a stable 100-150ms. Nothing has changed at all on my end, and I have confirmed via traffic analysis on my router that nothing else is hogging network resources.

I used to always ping to check my ping beforehand for the Mushin server but I noticed this no longer works either. It’s also worth noting that I have no lag issues whatsoever with any other game I play.

Friggin BnS support is useless, they are telling you run dxdiag and end startup processes when this is clearly a network issue. They don’t even seem to read any of your responses. We need to get the IP address to the Mushin server so we can check for packet loss and do a tracert.

Still experiencing issues. I was joking around and downloaded a free trial of Pingzapper, and lo and behold that reduced the number down to what I was normally getting. But I find it ridiculous because I shouldn’t have to use it if I was already getting the same numbers before the recent maintenance.

I’m on Gunma server group, so it’s happening on there as well. Didn’t have time to mess with stuff this weekend. I’m currently going to contact COX to possibly check wires and do some other checks since I think in general my internet might be f’d up. Oddly enough I get the ping issue around that time as well. I started to play summoner now during that time and then once 1AM comes up, I switch to my main lol .

Yeah the ping issue seems to be always around that time frame. And it’s not limited to just old man mushin is good info. Maybe it’s just a Phoenix, AZ thing. (Is there anyone out there that has this ping issue at around 6pm ~ midnight where your ping basically doubles?)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to test it out. It was working pretty well for me at 10:30PM and then around 11PM, I F8 into a Necro party and then ping spiked from 100ms to 300ms+. But slowly after it went back to normal. I played until 3:30AM and it was pretty stable with a few spikes to 150-160 which is manageable.

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