Frostscale Basin Wheel of Fate RNG really suck or bugged?

i’ve just spend about 60G Blade And Soul Gold to bought around 140-150 frostscale essences, but is this what i’ve got so far? 138 soulshield pack? actually i got about 8-10 weapon box too, but already opened to look for my weapon. still in reality what i’ve just spend is about 140-150 essences, and from those many essences i got 138 soulshield pack? what the heck? for real? i hope this is bugged, because all this time, i’ve never get like over 100 soulshield pack, LOL. btw this is the only place that was really hard to get the essences too, its RNG box to hope that essence would drop, and only about 2-3 essence each drop from the box, if lucky. also the boss Dark Balrok, had really long time to respawn/returning, is this for real? hope this wheel of fate was actually bugged, i’ve never experienced such spending hundred of essences for hundred of soulshield pack, LOL. please NC help me

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