Blade and Soul – When you fight an assassin

Well i do alot of arena pvp (as KFM, Assassin and FM) and i have little problems with fighting a summoner. At first it was incredible hard to fight them till i tried one myself and found out which skills, what cooldowns, what escapes they have and how to counter

My True Breeze Staff RANDOMLY turned into a pickaxe LOL!

Just farming SSP when all the sudden This isn't a complaint at all LOL I find this very hilarious and won't stop laughing. I showed everyone in my server and they found it hilarious too so I thought I'd share. I honestly hope I get to keep this totally unintentional pickaxe

Profane Jiangshi Outfit Gone?

So I was looking through the Wardrobe and trying to tell a friend of mine to look at what was my favorite skin from Closed Beta and... I noticed it's not there anywhere. Which I find very odd and confusing considering it was essentially a drop from a world boss,

Blade and Soul [CN] to Launch Cosmetic Wings This Month

We can see wings in most MMORPGs. It can not only make your character much more brilliant, but also add some cool bonuses. Soon the Chinese gamers can also enjoy the fantastic wings in Blade and Soul. Tencent Games has just announced that they will soon release the cosmetic wings in

Whose Blade and Soul cosplay do you think is the best?

Blade & Soul is a martial arts fantasy MMORPG currently in development by NCsoft and its Team Bloodlust division. The game will have stylized art and character designs by famed artist Hyung-tae Kim, and will feature lush environments and gameplay that borrows elements from fighting games, platformers, and even tosses