Given the massive amounts of soulstones needed to upgrade gear


Not only the terrors and random bosses are impossible to take on with melee classes, there’s literally no way to complete your daily faction quests unless you and your group deal an absurd amount of damage to guarantee a chest drop from said terrors. This feels more like a pointless and braindead competition to whomever will have the highest DPS, why the hell is it designed in such a shi-tty way? We’re playing the same faction, it should be all shared fairly.

Most of the bosses die in less than 20 secs, I don’t nearly have enough time to deal the required amount of damage to validate my quests if my team sucks. That, and the unstoppable AOEs for which you have less than 0.0001 sec to react or you’re dead meat. Can’t they at least reduce the damage needed to finish the goddam quests and nerf the hell out of terrors? This would be common sense and give more incentive to play this garbage content.

Hate to say it, but I absolutely agree with everything here. My main is around 430 attack at the moment, and even going all out on these bosses is enough to MAYBE drop a box for a daily once in a while. Being a melee class makes this almost impossible due to the constant iframes and retreating I need to do to even stay alive, and all of that is time that I’m not spending inflicting damage.

It becomes a big annoying wall that can only be overcome with time, given the massive amounts of soulstones needed to upgrade gear, and the only methods of gaining them being misty woods, arena pvp, and market, since ssp is basically a waste of time. It is actually more effective for me to save gold and buy them through the market, which works, but kind of sucks because I would like to actually be able to enjoy the new content.

Now add to that huge faction unbalance, where one of factions is filled with bot population and cannot even fill in one channel. Also the fact that most efficient way to do PVP is to avoid fighting other faction by filling up the channel doesn’t look like smart PvP design. Reason for that is that even small group of players can disrupt mining with ridiculous guns. And ye we have plenty of such kids, who have nothing to do whole evening… And zone design is supporting it.

Other than that I think the place is jolly fun. It’s great to stand on the sidelines with a SMG and wait for some enemy faction guy trying to disturb the mining phase and attacking him with great vengance. And due to being asymetrical and actually having a quest for loosing phase 1 it actually encourages oPvP, which is what Misty Woods pretty much didn’t have. People just need to realize that sometimes standing guard is just as important than getting rewards. I just wish standing guard would be rewarded, without the need to wait for your allies to die.

A medium level destroyer here…. struggling pretty hard. Something must be done to the soulstone planes. I have given up for getting the kills for big bosses (terror and others). Simply not possible. I’m 50-5, Ap 432 and 2400 crit. I have watch some elite destroyers how they do it and it’s the same as I have tried. And sometimes they die too or don’t get the box. I can’t do what destroyers are suppose to do (control/tank) because that would guarantee that I don’t get the box. It’s BS that damage is the only that matters because classes are different on damage, skills and role. And that is good. But I cant do even close the same damage to terror as say same level FM. Not getting those soulstones every day hurts. And it’s true that when the mining is over the battle just dies. I never seen people taking part on the battle phase. I had to go youtube to see what happens in battle phase. So clearly they should rethink battle phase rewards as well.

Nah. It would’ve been fine if ncwest knew how to time updates properly. When this came out in kr, 99% of the population would have had enough time to go to pirate, and would have more than enough stats to do things properly. Because they only care about “esports”, non arena content suffers as a result since most of the people don’t have the necessary gear for it.

This game seems to be heavily designed in playing the market. Most of the time we need the upgrade first before we can be good enough to farm for the materials. So end up I have to buy the moonstones first and upgrade my gears before I can challenge Naksun or SSP to get moonstones. It is not motivating at all, it feels like p2w even though it is not.

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