MU Legend Dungeons Program Instructions

Epic Dungeons are high-difficulty treasure vaults filled with uncommon things Epic Dungeons is usually found out in the open just like Typical Dungeons, along with the abundance of things discovered inside tends to make them among MU Legend's primary farming dungeons. These dungeons are mostly for players who have leveled up

[Blade and Soul] NA leveling Guide 1-20

Once Blade and Soul released, I Figured it out. What you have to do, around levels 10-15ish, maybe even higher, is make sure you get your weapon to max Hongmoon level, then evolve it with stalker. then max it out from there, without using the next breakthrough (since it becomes

Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus

The person who keep crying about Red spin in 6v6, First off you stand in it and you attack them then you cry that they keep spamming it ? For real ? Red spin is a huge skills that consume focus, meaning if you stand away and stop attacking they

Why Auto detonate is better

This is for exp Fm players just explaining why Auto detonate is better and if not at least the same as burn build. OK I have always been using burn build back in TW server but since the last big patch where they changed a shit ton on FM, I

Blade & Soul: Shadow Destroyer PVE Guide on bladeandsoulpot

After the major skill changes in July 2016, Shadow elemental skill set finally deserves some serious attentions from Destroyer players. I have been playing earth elemental destroyer (or to be more accurate, Ani-cancel-based destroyer; elemental system was introduced later) since forever. I have made the switch to Shadow