Have farmed so far has been obtained with a reasonable amount of runs

I made a ticket asking about this if its bugged or anything they said they cant share any info and that i should forever stop trying to drop it and wait for an official announcement somewhere in the unknown future , meanwhile i see people that got it with just a couple tries in my server. just when i thought the support would be decent in this game.well nope.

This is what I was thinking. Like Blackwyrm has drops bugged for people recently, I believe this item is also bugged for it not to drop properly for an unkown number of players. The ones that are getting the drop are seeing it within a reasonable amount of runs, except for a few people that have reported successfully obtaining it after 50-88 runs. Though we don’t know who is trolling and who is telling the truth.

I was going to ask a GM if they could confirm it is or isn’t bugged myself. I’ve done 73 runs and I haven’t found it, 3 people on my server have it and I asked them how many runs it took them, all of them did the run from 8-40 times. I know of others that have done it over 120 times and still don’t have it… there is no item in the game with that kind of range. Every outfit I have farmed so far has been obtained with a reasonable amount of runs.

I’m pretty sure this outfit is a tribute to one of the most popular shows in Korea called “Infinte Challenge”, and that show is based on near impossible challenges that are funny to watch people try to complete. You CAN farm this outfit sure, but I believe its the same chance as getting a $500 winning scratch off lottery ticket at the gas station. near impossible.. which explains why you see so few of them across all servers. I may just wait for an update that puts in the black version of the outfit, like korea has.. IF they put that in our NA version, lets hope!

you can try to do what i have done. choose the easy boss fights at the start and dps them as fast as you can. next room choose to hire (NO MERCS) and just dps the guy quick. thats what i did and it droped. not saying this is how to do it but just how i got mine and something for you to try.

just like what Sol said, no there’s nothing with in reason that suggests that you can manipulate the drop. However because 2 of my guildies have gotten it by killing the shaman and the dog guy, then using the destroyer and archer lady ive been following in their footsteps xD 25 tries though like that (still no drop)!

My hard work finally paid off; so this is my first character of the game, so around lvl 35 i wander around wardrobe deciding what costume i want, then i saw this beauty and decided i wants it. Then at lvl 41 i arrive at Dreadtide Arena, and cried blood fighting against such monstrous creatures, but my power of will kept me going through the hardships this trial gave me! I became stronger every time i fought my way through the darkness, and finally after 4 days and 3 levels later i finally gots it on 83rd try!

I got this outfit in my first run at lvl 40ish? not sure, I didn’t even know you could get an outfit from the last boss. I died so many times to the last boss that my weapon went from max to 8 durability, so I was thinking that if I died again, I would have to back outside and do everything again, fortunately, I beat him, with a pleasant reward! as a KFM, the costume was destined for her.

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