How I Kill Boredom in Blade and Soul – Gameplay Review Part 4

This is a series I’m doing to showcase the gameplay and features of Blade and Soul. It’s also a chance for the community to leave some tips and advice for new players coming to these videos to get some help in understanding what makes the game good, and how to get the best experience from it. If you have some comments like that, then please share them!

Cinderlands is always the worst, for some reason the quest line there is just so boring it’s hard to push through. But you want to try and push through to silverfrost where you can start doing the bigger and better dungeons. also don’t bother pushing through for upgrades anymore come wensday they are changing the line to follow KR and TW weapon upgrade line.

nope Dandafafet depends a lot on the player. if you ran Desolate Tomb with randoms you’ll know what I mean. this is not the usual nobrainer mmo and Forcemaste is not a hit n run class.

The repetition of questing from quest to quest while leveling can start to drain players like me I think. Blade and Sou’s dungeons are one of the highlights so I’m using the cross-server tool from now on to get into dungeons asap!

XD hey you replied. it’s just in blade and soul there are people that are doing that dungeon for maybe the 10th or 30th time that day to get a specific item and having to stop mid run to wait for for someone watching the cutscenes… XD some ppl are mean and might get mad.. hehehe. what server r u on by the way?

keep in mind that on Feb 8. gearing upgrades also change for leveling. You won’t have to upgrade like you are now. You will get the weapons you need to progress as loot drops. Dungeons will have better gear than what is needed.

I think that your leveling experience will improve as will your pace to 50 after Feb 8. You will love the dungeons at cap, and then the real game begins.

Blade and soul is definitely underrated. Your videos have got me wanting to go back to my sin and blade master. It definitely has the best real-time combat out there.

Try using the skill points you have left on your “K” page, if you want to do more damage, as a lot of ppl said spam RMB+LMB, and in bosses you can spec your “2” skill to blazing beam, it does waaay more damage, but as it hits only one target you could use it only when facing bosses (RMB+LMB+2 and repeat).

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