How to Get Five Easy Titles (Blade and Soul Guide)

Blade And Soul is an MMORPG that’s just released to Western territories this year. It’s been around a while in Korea, but I’m really hyped to finally get my hands on it, so I decided to bring you guys a little guide. Today I’ll show you five awesome titles that are easy to get for yourselves!

For Fish out of Water you can do it in the first beach in Bamboo Village, you also do not need to be swimming constantly, you can stay in one spot for 3 minutes. For Deathtouched, you don’t need to end up with chi recovery twice, you can just let yourself die the first time.

go to golden devo boss kill it with others then use the life of the party idea might get a gf a lot of thirsty women out there be careful u might get a man behind a female toon.

death touched easy one but make it fun wear ur faction outfit n walk around Foshi Pyres first fate wheel for people wondering…. then notice the noob 50 kill that’s always there showing off for the noobies for 0 reason just because he wants to be awesome when he isn’t let him kill u watch him become cocky and let the one boss kill u and roam on the floor then go back to the top and thank the 50 for the title because he a idiot he wont know what the fk ur talking about.

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