How to Progress after Reaching Level 45?

Hello! I managed to finish the storyline (I think?) recently, and got to level 45. I used blade and soul gold I saved up from quests and bought a moonwater transformation stone to upgrade my weapon by the end of it. Problem is now I literally only have 20 silver left so I’m not even sure what to start farming for bns gold Even if I disregard materials, breakthrough costs for my equips are like 60 silver+ which I can’t afford. What are some of the things I should be doing as a fresh level 45?
Also, how should I go about crafting in this game? I chose green thumbs, tree fellers, soul wardens, and merry potters as my professions, but I haven’t really spent much time on them … or at all (they’re all level 1 x_x). Are those fine? Or are there some of the more recommended professions out there?

This is my current gears so far, with a full set of pizza from tomb of exiled. Any pointers on how I should be progressing from this point would be much appreciated!

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