I know many people that wanted to play Blade And Soul

Before anyone has a go – I’m only posting this because i’m sick of great games with lots of potential being killed and want to spend more than 1 year playing a game like in the good old days – AIKA, SHAIYA etc.

I know many people that wanted to play BNS but won’t due to the company providing it namely NCSoft

Due to people knowing the end result they decided it wouldn’t be worth the one year playtime before game becomes very low pop

If your reading this anyone from NC let me inform you on something that can make you money.Firstly it’s weird how you are obviously ignoring the gold spammers! Are you getting a back hander or something?

I have never seen such a pathetic filter in all my gaming days and the sheer fact there are no GM’s etc at all in the game at any time just makes it seem even more evident something fishy is going on or you simply don’t give two s h i t s

Look at your numbers and ask yourself why are so few are going premium here a few reasons why

1. Your not dealing with gold spammers at all at any time ever
2. No in game help to prove you care about customer care
3. No shared warehouse across characters – resulting in multicomp users, alt bot followers
4. Due to the spam, bots etc the community chat has become toxic or non existant

That’s just some and im sure people will say stuff like ‘If you don’t like it don’t play ‘

Lets just hope they get off their rears and deal with this as soon as possible and don’t let another good game go down the toilet.

I saw enough good games being killed. I saw enough requests of the community being left without a response (not (only) in this game ofc).
Sadly it seems to me that many companies try to make a quick cash grab but dont expect a game to run longer than maybe 3 years anyway so any effort put in is not worth it… well like that it wont run longer than a few years, that’s correct.

But i would like to remember that bns is a top mmorpg in other regions and that even after (nearly) 4 years. On top of that, there is potential of frcking esports. ESPORTS ncsoft, esports. The biggest money maker, ever.
Esports however has to come from the community… that means that we should progress through patches quickly (like we are doing! Thanks ncsoft!) to get to a more balanced state in pvp, but it also means that problems like the constant lag/server issues / bugs / … just shouldnt exist.

Right now i’m happy with the game (even tho, measured on ani cancelling speed the servers could run more smoothly. I’m not lagging btw, it’s just ani cancelling speed which is connection based and pretty much directly observable), but i just hope that they keep working on it, fixing it, and perfecting it so that all the potential this game has really starts to shine. When they do, there is a huge chance of it becoming a world wide esports (look at korea). And what that means should be clear, just look at games like LoL. When there is good esports, people are everywhere suddenly. And so is their money 😉

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