I lost my nerves on Blade And Soul

The game does have it’s good things n stuff. It’s really a refreshing title for some time. But then the problems started. First of all, all the written points are from my view-point. The may be different to each and every reader, reading this post.
Anyway, I’m most disturbed by these points:

The leveling seems fine in the beginning, but as the game continues it becomes more “drawn-out”. It feels like taking ages to level up…

The Package prices are a joke. Seriously. De hell? 120 Euro for the highest package? Jesus. Even Skyforge was fair then.

Weapon drops useless. For every drop of the weapon of my class I get like 1 of a 100. Oh god, give me strength, I was always grinding my teeth when I see a different weapon in the wrong class.

And now the worst part for me. It is a pain in the a** to use the bid system. I mean, really? Using ingame money to get an item you want? That is straight forward lame. It would be far better to use a rolling-dice-system. In the current system not anybody has a chance to get the item. This bid system just likes the one with the most money. Seriously, I’m begging you, get rid of that system.

1. fastest person to hit level 45 took one day. Seriously no joke.

2. The founder pack has three choices stretch from 25 to 125 dollar, and the master pack contains 90 worth of in game credit to start with, combined with extra items that would have cost total of more than 200 bucks. There’s no real to complain, don’t like the price then buy a cheaper pack.

3. I have to say the weapon system has been made so much easier since the original game released lvl50. Originally all dungeon large or small contains a weapon you need to upgrade which are now just junk you find. The drop rate of weapons has been already increased three time of the original games amount and no longer requires 4 man (which is basically max difficulty) dungeon to drop.

4 stop complaining about the bidding system. Because the last freaking thing I want is some unskilled noob pug causing more trouble than help getting the weapon or costume I spent month to grind. The system is meant so that there is always a win win situation. If you win you get the gear that probably only you need , and if you loose you get gold which contribute to your next bid or help you out with upgrade cost. And with the gold being extremely scares in this game no one would just start taking everything in a dungeon. It also prevent ninjas and trolls from taking stuff they don’t need or already have because they have to pay for it anyway. Also gold is literally only meant for trading between player and upgrade weapon so why the hell are you so whinny about it? And if I find something I want I should be justified to spent extra gold that I spent EXTRA TIME PLAYING IN THE GAME TO GET. YES I HAD TO SPENT TIME TO GET THEM WHAT DID YOU THINK? DID YOU THINK PEOPLE HAS THE UNFAIR ADVANTAGE OF FARTING MONEY OUT OF THEIR BUTT?

From what I can tell you never even made it through cinderland. All I can say is play the game before complaining because if I’m not being lazy right now I can easily get all class fully capped and fully geared wight spending a single cent or copper outside of the bare necessities . And I’m pretty sure there are people that already done that in beta, I personally know several.

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