I made a blade and soul master

WE all been there, when we dont know what to pick. Its not an easy topic, trough we play what we find fun , but thats not really easy to find. Trial and error takes time and time and frustration we wish to save generally. So comes the part where we check vids, summ up pros and cons, and at last ask others, what experiance they have with these classes and ask them for there opinion.

Here is my deal : I made a blade master, and its sort of satisfying, but sooner or later you have to make an alt, now that my friends started playing its due time (trough i still have some time till they delete my original character 4 days) . My first idea was KFM. I sort of like the fast paced combat and the look of it. Not to mention how fitting it is in the story and the world. But then again, excluding 1 all my friends started kfm (one of them already hit 45 with my blade master). And i am still hesitant due to the ping. I dont say its bad, but certainly not good.
So i started considering something else, and started to wonder how the upcoming warlock is going to be. Considering the videos on tube….seems boring to me (stand back and nuke), but then again, i hear it complements team really good with bufffs, and pet can tank, not to mention its ranged…unlike most of my friends character and not to mention it plays a lot different then my melee Blade master , not to mention i hear its really good in pvp. Proly the class is going to be massive mainstream soon.

I even noticed Qi master, but seems to be really in the distance, and animations dont really seem that nice…its more of a second hand to kfm

Anyone got a bit more experiance on these 2 classes? Whitch one would benefit me and my friends more, and whitch of them is more viable generally in teamplay? How fast paced and complex are they. I really like a dynamic (visually) action packed combat.

I played warlock in BnS CN till 46 but I haven’t touched it in awhile. It’s a support based class which usually runs around sniping mobs / nuking from the back while the melee classes go in. The pet does tank and is a welcome addition because it aggros mobs and what not when you’re soloing. It has quite a few defensive AOE spells to block attacks, CC, and one of the final skills it has is a transformation skill which transforms all party members within a certain range to this OP-style costume where their cooldowns are greatly reduced and some extra stuff (I forgot).

If you’re looking to go 1-on-1 with bosses and have “dynamic” fights well then warlock probably isn’t the best ’cause it’s definitely a class that should be staying on the sidelines supporting.

SS – The “Transformation” Skill Costume (Lasts for 15s)

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