I want to get some new costume in BnS

I need to get something out of my chest:) There is that ONE costume that I want, that I really want since the release here in North America and Europe and that is this one:


I know that we already have the “White Version” of it, but I know that there are two more, the red and black one as you can see in the given Pictures and a golden black one:3
I waaaant this sooo bad for my Little Lyn Girl and I’m waiting since january so patiently but till now, nothing>.< There is so much stuff in the cash shop that I don’t want to buy cause I don’t like it nearly enough……there is even a really popular loading Screen which pops up really often where a Lyn is wearing this Dress:3
Is there a Chance that ncsoft can see this and will maybe notice my wish? I know that there are many more People that are waiting for this costume, I heard it from many Corners and I’ve talked to several Players as well. I know it is “just a costume”, but I’m the kind of Person, who puts a lot of effort in the appearance of their character:) I know as well, that many People actually don’t care what characters look anyways, that’s why I think that maybe someone can take my wish seriously? Other players don’t even care and some really wish some Special Outfits why not just give them their Outfits? More money for ncsoft. Or is there even someone who knows when this will come out?
I just wanted to say this and maybe there are some People, especially some Girls like I me, who can relate to this:D

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