I’m an old-fashion blade and soul player

Hello all,

To begin, yes i’m an old-fashion player, i’m still nostalgic of everquest (before SOE gone into it)… I’ve tried and played (at least tried) a LOT of MMO (if not all… ) i deeply dislike WoW as it’s too childish and brainless to my tastes…

That said, i think BnS is far too easy and fast to level… In 2 days of beta i got to lvl 30+ (and i didn’t used surveys rewards or even daily dash) … dungeons are easy, quests are easy and we level-up fastly… maybe too fast. (and i’ve done ALL the alternates/secondaries quests, and took the time to read it, i’ll add that i’m a solo player, done 90% solo, only done 3 dungeons in group)

Actually, the max is lvl 45, so what ? i’m gonna max in a week or so (or even a month, not a big difference), and then ? i’ll only have PvP to do ? Or i’ll have to do, again and again the same quests/dungeons ? wouldn’t it be more interesting/rewarding, to have more difficults quests/dungeons, longer to do, but that you won’t do 30 times ?

The story and game mechanics are very interestings and i love it, but, maybe i’m wrong, doing the same thing multiple times wouldn’t be boring faster than doing it less often but with harder challenge ? (by harder i don’t mean you need a 6members party to do it, just that you need a cooldown between 2 fights, and give most of your skills in each fights, with the bosses just beings a bit harder and much longer to kill).

Old fashions MMO was really interesting for that, and the people involved in was more “calm adults” than “young brainless haters”.

This is just a personal thought, i don’t want to insult anybody, i’m not saying i know any truth, just trying to know your opinions, and explain me if i miss the point ?

(BTW if someone is able to explain me clearly all the different currencies, their uses, exchange rates, places… Because i’m still confused between the Ncoins, valor tokens, hongmoons coins, pvp money, gold… etc)

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