I’m scared to login Blade And Soul

I have too much gear/software and I think they’re going to get picked up by GameGuard and get me banned.

I’ve got this sucker http://www.bloody.tw/usa/Products.php?pid=10&id=20
It comes with software that has a feature to specifically hide from GameGuard, which is alarming.

Next I have the Corsair M95 mouse and the Sensei Wireless mouse.

I also have an Apex M800 and a Razer Orbweaver.

Some of this stuff remaps keys using hardware macros. I don’t know if GameGuard would get mad at that or not. Others use software to remap the keys.

I typically play with the bloody mouse, the orbweaver, and the apex m800. No key ever presses more than one key. I just map them so that I can reach everything quickly. It’s not like I mapped S+S to a single key.

I have like $1500 invested into this game and am terrified of getting banned with no chance of appeal for using “third party programs.” I also have a pretty complex sound system and display system, using a variety of different drivers and nonsense. This stuff also goes through like an Elgato HD60 Pro for streaming.

I also run Malware Bytes + Super Anti Spyware + a bunch of software for tweaking Windows. My setup is uber customized. Not only am I terrified of getting banned, I’m terrified of GameGuard wrecking my PC D;.

I’ve never cheated. I’ve never done exploits. I’ve always been helpful to people. I’ve never KS’d. I’ve always been clear in parties if I was new to a dungeon. I’ve always been hard on afkers and exploiters and refused to budge or left. I’ve been nice about bids. I don’t bid on everything. If I win an item, I let the other person win the next item and won’t bid up the price.

I just want to know that if I get on the game that I’m not going to be randomly banned and then told that the ban was justified : (. What do I need to do to ensure that I’m not banned?

I also want to be sure that GameGuard isn’t going to destroy my PC. I’ve read some horror stories of BSODs with formats resulting from GameGuard. That would devastate me : (. I have a lot of personal projects on this system and if I lost them all, I don’t know what I would do.

Should I just not login to the game right now and wait it out until all of this is fixed?

I do use the extra keys though. That’s why I got them… I don’t map multiple buttons to them, but I do use them. The mouse has all of my UI stuff. The orbweaver has all of my combat stuff.

GameGuard can capture it. Read up on my thread “A look at GameGuard” if you haven’t. I have one thread dealing with how it’s scary to start the game and another thread dealing with how it’s scary to login to the game : ).

What GameGuard can’t capture is stuff that’s done on hardware. Not even hardware macros can be captured. It’s just not possible. I don’t encourage the use of hardware macros nor do I use them myself! >: o

The only piece of hardware I have that could get me in trouble is the Razer Orbweaver because that does key remapping via software, which can indeed be captured.

Now what is worrisome is all of the other stuff on my system.

Submitting a ticket to NC Soft won’t do much because they can’t state anything. Doing so would give hints about their detection system.

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