Inability to run Naryu Lab due to it crashing BNS

OR let them be sold to people that HATE Mushin’s Tower so they can progress. I would trade for the stupid warrior tokens if they weren’t unable to trade. what you need, a moonstone? some money what? oh, you can’t trade them so some people are jsut stuck, when there are plenty of the damn things to go around because not everyone wants to hat hunt.
For all the posturing they do about wanting people in Silverfrost, then why the hell isnt everything below silverfrost just tradable so people can flood the market with things and earn money their way and get items from the market? WHY have some common drop item from a dungeon not be tradeable?

1 Frozen stinger for 200 warrior tokens! the moment they become tradeable i will make that deal with the first person that offers me the tokens.

Warrior tokens, inability to run Naryu Lab due to it crashing my game, and HATE for the forced PVP that Mushin’s Tower is, is what have prevented me from playing for nearly a month now. Why play if I can’t progress without jumping through some moron Korean’s hoops? They want human pets, they should collar each other cause i am not interested in their BDSM mentality of game design.

Yeah i can’t make it to the wind and thunder gods due to the game crashing/time out before i get there waiting so long for the long dungeon to load.

There is NO point having something like that for people to be forced into since Jinsoyun doesn’t require that level of shenanigans to beat her solo through the story, so Mushin’s tower and the excessively long Naryu Lab, it is a total railroad forced onto people to force PVP into PVE. It is bad game design because of an ego trip as a game designer. If the Zaiwei tournament had required you to beat Mushin on floor 8-3, you would hear a whole lot more hell about it, but you don’t you fight Mushin in a joke fight because they changed the story after making Mushin’s tower and the Moonwater content was no longer end game, so it should have been changed like many other things in Moonwater.

There is NO excuse due to the changed story that these be portrayed here as part of the story since we don’t have a need to beat Mushin since he is dead/not dead due to story change.

The arbitrariness due to the changed story, the changed endgame content, non of it makes sense and needs to be changed, just like the Misty Woods PVP to kill the 8 Masters that saved your life for getting a necklace (weapon path removed now I think?). It just serves no purpose being in the game as detracts from the story and ruins continuity. As well it just doesn’t fit after Silverfrost was released, nor when NA/EU over-inflated mob health compared to EVERY other region to make this just a jerk design concept.

Warrior tokens need to be found elsewhere, need to be able to be traded on the market, etc. How many places drop soulstones now? Moonstones? Frozen Stingers? Flower of Lament? Everything in Silverfrost has plenty of way to get, but Moonwater is so far behind in design because it is still designed as end game for NO reason. This goes for Moonwater Soul as well since it is pointless to bother with as the Oathbreaker sword pieces to get Hongmoon Energy Stage 1 as so plentiful on the market, and cheaper to get the HME1 that getting 80+ Naryu Lab relic pieces.

Moonwater is currently a MAJOR flaw in game design for warrior tokens availability, and use, and MANY other things in it since Silverfrost and even AFTER silverfrost when the original Jinsoyun story was changed so Mushin doesn’t die, Gubong doesn’t tackle Yura and fall off the platform with her, both to their deaths. Yunma Fei and Namsoyoo aren’t dead…

Moonwater just needs a revisit and redesign to fix all these continuity problems in the story AND gameplay.

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