Introduce worthwhile incentives to roll alts

Lets face it, rolling an alternative toon in this game is akin watching paint dry, and providing a live twitch feed complete with minute by minute commentary. Why do it?

So how about you spice things up a bit NCWest?

You could start by adding account wide bonuses per toons that fit certain criteria per account. Say…1% account wide DMG bonus per level 50 toon. Or maybe even 10 AP per. Or maybe even add achievements that reward rare sought after costumes after achieveing a certain amount of maxed level toons per account.

The game desperately needs lower level activity. New players are welcomed into a mostly barren lowbie world where the only other player they run into outside of cross server queues are bots. Mind you, game content hasnt even been out 8 months in these regions.

Point is, there are alot of things you can do to amp up whats a complete chore of an activity atm. An activity that should NEVER be considered something to be avoided at all costs in an MMORPG. Especially due to overall commitment and upgrade costs. Rerolling alts.

Of course, I say all this knowing full well that you, NCWest, have no real authority to affect major gameplay decisions without KR’s consent.

Still, it s worth a try. Plus I was bored after completing my 60th daily of the day throughout 3 50 toons.

Yeah I played SWTOR for about 2 years after its initial release. It really is the exact polar opposite of BnS when it comes to alts and its encouragement.

Anyways since all NC cares about is profits, maybe they should realize that this can also potentially encourage people to buy more character slots, and/or go premium.

Maybe they’ll listen now.

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