I’ve been thinking to post about this for about 2 weeks now

I’ve been thinking to post about this for about 2 weeks now. I wasn’t sure if I want to do it because I don’t really believe it’ll get changed, but oh well.

I hate how weapons look in the game.

This is not the only game that I felt that way about. Not even close. Normally, I can find this one weapon or skin that’s I’m ok with, and I did. However, it’s one of the weakest weapons in game and its skin cannot be used.

What’s the point in that skin system if I can’t use it on the weapon I want?!?
Also, this weapon is located on my character’s back, and my character’s back is what I stare on most of the game. Having there something that annoys me is really getting on my nerves.

I did end up skinning my weapon to something less horrible, but its super annoying to know I have a great looking weapon that I bought and can’t use. Because reasons.
I should note that both weapons are from the same type. I can equip them both on my character and they use the same animations. This is not an issue of trying to apply an irrelevant skin.

Please allow all weapons to be skinned? Pretty please?

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