List of Blade And Soul Problems & Suggestions

Hey guys,

This will be a Suggestions for added elements, additions, and whatnot.
And a list of problems that i’ve noticed.

If you got stuff you want to be added, write something in this thread and i’ll add what i see fit.

Problems & Suggestions:

1. Fix the Camera in Arena, incredibly stupid to have it zoomed in that much when you get switched in, or interfere. Takes 1-2 sec to zoom that sh*t out.
2. Fix the out of combat response timer, example: Killed an enemy, can’t start running in X amount of seconds. Next mob, a different X amount of seconds.
3. Infinite block list (See alternative solution/fix #1)
4. Invisible walls & edges in this game is horrible
5. Add an option to use alternative voice over language. Let’s face it, the English voice overs are total crap. Especially Bloodshade Harbor, sounds like possibly the worst voiceover in the world.
6. Zone party manager, similar to the F7 dungeon party announce/finder. Would be ideal for dailies in MW/Beach & leveling overall.
7. Fix the missmatched names from crafting materials and listed names on the Auction House / Donnu if this is fixed yet.
8. Untrack quests, hide quests. This must be added, so annoying having ” read the letter ” for future content on the right side
9. Fix Summoner’s Cat – Taunt bug. / Only major class bug i know atm, fill me in on more!
10. Remove, ending up in combat on random attack/skill usage. Are we fighting ghosts?
11. Remove, having to pay to complete quests? Makes zero sense.
12. Remove Paying to recieve sold wares on AH, after already paying to put them there? Instant delivery? Well if we dont pay, we never get it. So don’t even call it instant delivery.
13. Add an option to leave a dungeon group, straight out into the world. Instead of, out of dungeon -> pre area -> lobby -> world. Extremely annoying, can only think how people without SSDs are suffering.
14. More to come for sure.

More will be added overtime, feel free to add Problems, Suggestions & Solutions in the comments below.
Keep it somewhat clean, this is not a discussion topic, this is purely meant to give the Devs some insight of player problems and so on.

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