Low FPS/Stutter Fix

Hey, so ive been having really low FPS and drops when a boss does his huge attack i drop to 0 FPS for a couple of seconds or my iframe becomes imposible to use due to the stuttering that starts seconds before, ive had this issue since the game launched and i have a i7 cpu, 16GB ram and 680 GTX witch should run this game fine.

Ive tried a bunch of fixes from other people but none hit the spot, the issue is because this game uses only 40% of my GPU and when the stutter does a driveby shooting, it drops down to 15-25% and i am unable todo jack-shit all, with these changes your usage of the card should be 80-99% all the time and all the stutters goe away like a snowball in hell.

I had one friend with a 780 GTX test this and before he had to run the game in Optimize For Combat with all the bells and whistles off, witch makes the game not really nice to look at and i went from 60-70 frames to 100+ most of the time and am able to run it with all the details on high, without stutter, but especially the stutters are gone that gets you killed in dungeons/plains.

Steps to Follow
1) Download MSI Afterburner from guru3d or some other place and install it
2) Download Riva Tuner from the same place and install it
3) go into your 3D settings for Nvidia
4) set Multi-Display/Mixed-GPU to Single Display Performance mode
5) Set Power Management mode to Prefer maximum performance <- this works better for some cards, while it does nothing on its own for others, hence the Riva Tuner nudge 6) Run BnS and Set limit background FPS and FPS limit to 120 on both sliders 7) Set all the graphics options to enabled, sliders to 5 etc, just max it all out 8) Run Riva Tuner, go to Power User > Riva Tuner \ NVIDIA \ Overclocking, find “EnablePerfLevelForcing” and set it to 1

You might need to restart your comp, but your GPU should now be used for 80-99% at all the time while playing BnS and should increase FPS but fix your stutters, twiddle with your own ingame settings until you find the best match for your GPU for steady FPS when there a bunch of people onscreen.

Make sure Riva Tuner is active before launching BnS, i hope this works for some people as well as it did for me.

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