Moonstone / Soulstone Plain key

So… as of this morning, Soulstone Plain just hit the all time highest in term of price, 4g95 to 5g for one key.

If nothing is going to change and the price keep going up like this, new and undergeared players will be crushed to death from the sheer pressure of farming and acquiring mats to upgrade their gears.
Either increase the amount of ways to acquire key/moonstone or lower the amount of material required to upgrade the gear. Whatever that is, something must be done and no – NO MORE OF THOSE DOUBLE RNG EVENT!

First of, you can’t point out where did I started the blame on ranged class
Second, ofc there are melee players who are good and has nice ping/game performance hence they don’t have said problem and that is EXACTLY why I have never started talking shit about melee hardship nor blaming on ranged class, until you jumped in and did it out of nowhere.

No even if you are a ranged class, you still have a hard time getting moonstone nowaday, because you don’t have the KEY to open those boxes, why ? if you did read my post you will see partially why.

On the notion of “less people are playing the game”, it is both true and not. Certainly there are alot of people that quitted the game and we don’t have that much active players like a few months back, but the number is still enough to blow through each and every single mining phase through out the day, so saying that the population affect the price is only partially right.

The real problem here is the amount of keys you can get from doing the event. Roughly 4 to 6 sasquatches per mining phase, so at most 1 person can only get 2-4 boxes from the sasquatches. King Grindtooth, you can only get 1 per mining phase if you are lucky + on a medium populated channel, you might get 2; that being said, the box from king grindtooth gives 40% of the time just 1 keys and 50% chance of gem fragment pouch only 10% to get that 5 keys. Meanwhile, you can get like 10 terror boxes after like an hrs of SSP and minimum of 3 keys from SSP which is barely anything, days after days you will have a mountain of terror boxes, but you don’t have any keys to open them at all. It doesn’t help that the PRICE OF THE KEY – WHICH IS THE FREAKING HELL I AM TALKING IN THIS THREAD- cost upward to 5g as you can see from the picture I linked.

Because we are the customers and they needs to sell their product ? I mean… even the dumbest sellers know when they displease their customers they are in for a downward spiral.

Further more, we can’t take NCsoft’s words at all, they said the game won’t be censored/changed from the original – they changed it. They said, they will give events that help gearing up new/undergeared players, but then they messed up the events so bad with double RNG ( Merchant Wonder event) and with items locked in a timer (Nebula stone from Golden Viper event), they ALSO gated all that behind those so called “Entry Reset” items. That isn’t helping… that is ramming up the players butt with a stick while coating the act behind a “helping players” banner.

At this point, I don’t even know if you are talking from a neutral stance or just trying to cleverly hide your whiteknight coat under all that.

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