MU Legend Dungeons Program Instructions

Epic Dungeons are high-difficulty treasure vaults filled with uncommon things
Epic Dungeons is usually found out in the open just like Typical Dungeons, along with the abundance of things discovered inside tends to make them among MU Legend‘s primary farming dungeons. These dungeons are mostly for players who have leveled up and are hunting for greater equipment, and there’s 1 on every continent starting from Duelden.
Epic Dungeons have five troubles. A word of warning, having said that: level 1 of an Epic Dungeon is a lot more challenging than the highest amount of a Standard Dungeon! For this reason, you actually need to have a party to acquire by way of an Epic Dungeon. Furthermore, you have to meet the minimum level and combat-power conditions, along with have enough dungeon entries remaining.
Only those using a particular amount of combat energy can enter; so even when you’ve reached the max level, you still might not be able to enter an Epic Dungeon. If that is the case, obtain much better equipment by means of crafting/Normal Dungeons and raise your combat power with enchantment.

The amount of entries to Epic Dungeons can be filled as much as a max of 7, with 1 entry getting added day-to-day. This suggests you do not have to go each day, and also you can do them all at once in the event you favor. When using a celebration, all members must have dungeon entries remaining, be within the similar region and agree to enter.
An entry is deducted the moment you enter the dungeon, so try and keep away from exiting the dungeon or logging out before completing it. You should be prepared in the starting, so ensure you have all the required equipment, potions and consumables.
After inside, party members can roam freely, but everybody has to agree to proceed via the boss portal. For those who die when battling the boss and use Resurrect at Point, you can respawn outdoors the portal and can be unable to re-enter. In other words, a dead celebration member must be resurrected by an ally or use a Resurrection Stone to continue fighting.
Considering that it really is a spot for farming, you can get considerably better gear than you would in Typical Dungeons in the event you succeed. Unlike in Normal Dungeons, you’ll be able to obtain Set-grade products in Epic Dungeons, creating them vital for players who wish Set equipment.

You could receive Set gear in Epic Dungeons.
The Rift: A randomly chosen dungeon with monsters matched to your level
Whether or not you’re leveling up or merely farming gear, the Rift has got you covered. The entrances towards the Rift is often found conveniently on any map. It does not matter which Rift portal you enter; the dungeon is determined randomly each and every time you go through, and monsters are generated using the identical level as the player.
Once you enter having a celebration, the level of the monsters might be decided by the amount of the strongest player. You will discover five levels of difficulty, from standard to evil, and all party members should be within the exact same location and agree to enter the dungeon.
The key rewards are things and Magic Gems. Magic Gems may be applied as currency in different areas, so it is very best to gather as many as you possibly can.
As opposed to other dungeons, you will be ranked after you total the Rift, and also you will obtain additional card rewards. Your rank is calculated determined by the number of party members as well as the number of elite monsters defeated. You get to choose 1 of 4 cards, which then reveals an item that could be offered as a reward.

You are able to enter the Rift 5 instances per day, and the entry count is reset every day at 5 a.m. When the Rift goes into overdrive, you are able to enter as quite a few occasions as you desire, and even players that have applied up their daily entries can enter once again.
Anytime a player enters the Rift, the overdrive gauge is going to be filled up by a specific quantity. When the gauge is charged 100%, the Rift will go into overdrive to get a specific period of time. Overdrive also affects every continent separately, so you can verify the overdrive status via the Rift menu (N) and head for the continent which is almost in overdrive beforehand.
The item drop price increases when the Rift is in overdrive, and also the quantity of floors inside the Rift is expanded to three. The amount of card rewards obtainable right after completion also increases. Continents which have been in overdrive just before may have their overdrive level improved to Lv. two and acquire a greater overdrive effect. So, anticipate to see a lot of players seeking for parties on the relevant continent when the overdrive time approaches.
Also, the player who causes the overdrive will get the Rift Overdriver effect, which grants an increase in attack, essential price and movement speed. The Rift overdrive only continues to get a set time, so it really is crucial which you clear dungeons as quick as you can. It’s recommended to ignore the monsters inside the middle and head directly for the boss.

Porystals: Gather Rift Fragments
As you accumulate rewards in the course of your adventures via the Rift, you’ll obtain some unique crystals along the way. These are known as Porystals, and they let you to promptly enter a designated dungeon devoid of going via a portal. If you’re in a party, all celebration members will likely be teleported with each other.
Unlike the other dungeons where you set the difficulty, the Porystals themselves have various grades, so the greater the grade, the greater the difficulty on the dungeon. Porystal dungeons are usually tougher than the Normal Dungeons, so the higher-grade ones will not be simple to clear. With this in mind, be sure you are effectively ready having a celebration before you use a Porystal.
Porystals are consumable things that disappear following they’re used, and the main Porystal dungeon is “Lupa’s Library”. This spot is located deep inside the Rift and was as soon as applied by Lupa to study its inner workings. Extremely potent enemies await you there.
You may obtain Rift Fragments as a reward for clearing this dungeon. Rift Fragments is often exchanged by way of a merchant to acquire random set-equipment chests, so it is best to collect as many as you may.

Area of Duty: Reap the rewards in particular dungeons
This is a location that keen players of MU Legend must stop by each day. Ohrdor’s Room of Duty consists of unique dungeons exactly where it is possible to get certain rewards discovered nowhere else. You’ll obtain 5 various dungeons within the principal space (Lupa’s Labyrinth is in a separate room for the side): Endless Tower, Warped Magic Gem Mine, Blood Castle, Luery’s Secret Vault and Fabrice’s Garden.
These 5 dungeons possess a day-to-day entry limit, so it really is significant that you just go every day and get essentially the most rewards. The dungeons also have level specifications, so be sure you level up first. The level requirement for the Endless Tower is Lv. 65. Fabrice’s Garden, Warped Magic Gem Mine, Blood Castle and Luery’s Secret Vault have their needs set to Lv. 25, 35, 45, and 55 respectively.
The Endless Tower is the go-to dungeon for wing-enchantment components. If you’re short on Magic Gems, the Warped Magic Gem Mine and Blood Castle (time-attack dungeon) will be the areas to go. You are going to discover a great deal of mu legend Zen in Luery’s Secret Vault, and Fabrice’s Garden is exactly where you’ll get several uncommon components which might be required for crafting.
It is possible to choose the difficulty (1 to 5) for the Warped Magic Gem Mine, Luery’s Secret Vault and Fabrice’s Garden, just like within a Regular Dungeon. Even so, there is no difficulty choice possible for the Endless Tower and Blood Castle. Rather, the greater you go inside the Endless Tower/the quicker you complete Blood Castle, the greater the rewards you could get.

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