My BNS Acc was hacked some 15 min ago.GM help

I was in game and got msg player authentication has been changed.disconnected from server. When i attempt to log in again my password didn’t match so i tried to reset it but couldn’t .Never got verification email.Tried to log again my email was changed too so i used new acc to write ticket to support dont know how else to contact them.I also got warning msg from my email provider yahoo for Unexpected sign-in attempt from china to my email but email it self was ok intact..i chaged password on email just in case.So idk what to do now cuz by time i get reply from support all blade and soul gold nccoins items chars it self could be gone stolen deleted who knows what

I didnt recieve any email to change my password so i didnt click any links. i went directly to blade and soul website to try log there but couldnt then i clicked link to reset password but i never got email from support to verify and change that pasword.then i tried again but my email for game was changed also i was totaly locked out of everything.

so now how to contact support and write ticked since i cant log with my info? i made new acc to contact them.WHile IN game i gott his msg and after that i was dced -> player authentication has been changed.disconnected from server and bit later i found also notification on my email backup … On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 6:34 AM GMT+8, we noticed a successful sign in to your Yahoo account from an unrecognized device in China. If this was you, you’re all set! If this wasn’t you and believe someone may have tried to access your account, please change your password and update your account recovery information. so i did change my email password and email it self is ok it works fine.WOrse is i use same acc for both Aion and BnS and now i cant log Aion either.idk what to do

I did not bought any bns gold or anything from anywhere i always 100% strictly follow rules and not make mistakes bcos i don’t want to and can not afford to be banned so be assured 100% there is no mistake on my side in any way.Using same acc for both Aion and BnS..and im terrified of banns…but..this doesn’t look like ban i would get notification right from support or something on login attempt there would be msg this acc is banned or whatever etc etc right? this is just weird..player authentication has been changed.disconected from server password not exist anymore 2-3 min later email is wrong also..and no email verification was sent on me trying to change password.i tried that pw change on other acc im not using…all worked fine instantly..something is fishy here and idk what. Me and Starfox looks like have same problem

Also to add and to say to Starfox ..i just HOPE that this is mistake regarding to gm post about Information Regarding Suspended Accounts and if it is it can be fixed hopefully but if it’s hack the idk,From what i seen email info can not be changed trough my acc page just password and pinns and other minor things.THen HOW is my Email nto existing? changed…or whatever it is that happened.we will see.Waiting reply on ticket.

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