Natural sized for the character

I would actually be in support of a few more sliders to adjust shape. There’s something about the Gon chest region that looks off..they’re too flat up top, and too much pointy at the nip…not sure how to explain it best, but big (and small) breasts tend to follow a much more natural pattern (and look much more beautiful as a result). Most of the female models in this game look like they have oddly shaped water balloons as breasts (that’s how they jiggle IMO…like a huge water balloon, not a regular mammary gland).

So I’d like to see more detailed sliders. Something like, as an example, fullness in width and depth. the “wider” slider in game right now only really pushes them “out” leaving a bigger gap inbetween, which again looks less natural and more plastic surgeon style (didn’t know they had plastic surgeons in the game!). so a fullness width slider would literally make them wider in the center as well. the depth slider would give more fullness at top, and make them less water balloon looking.

And while were on the subject…whats with giving the female toons chest sliders, but the male toons NO chest slider? it’s bad enough that half the Gon’s in game look like they encountered a head shrinking tribe, but they’re all stuck with the same “toned” but slightly flat chest. Not to quote a teenage euphemism, but “Not all men are the same size”.

As a girl (and an artist), I’d like to see sizes on both ends for larger and smaller breasts. I was surprised actually, given the art concepts and such I expect sizes more along the lines of other games (I’m thinking Tera, but I can’t really remember. They did have really weird jello bodies though.) The only thing that didn’t surprise me is the boob physics and superposition bra haha. It would be cool if that were an option you could turn off.

The only other thing that bugs me about character creation is the waist for females. Selecting a character “build” for both genders is just choosing between mixed body proportions. That’s not a build. I’d kill to be able to make a proper hour glass or straight build on girls by adjusting how the waist cuts in at the sides. All that said though, this game is obviously following a highly stylized artistic direction of Hyung Tae Kim. While I think some aspects of his style are kinda whack like rocket boobs, greasy skin and CLAMP legs, he’s still an amazing artist all the same. Much respect.

The thing with the lyn is that it’s the fact that they’re dolls and somewhat sexualized that’s creepy. Less doll-like would make it feel more natural. Don’t get me wrong. I love my baby Lyn, I just… I keep trying to make her feel less like a tiny child and more like a teenager or an adult, something that feels more comfortable for people to play with (people who do not have this dolli/Lolita obsession or fantasies). I just want the option. It doesn’t have to be huge tits, but you know, more…comfortable, natural sized for the character.

Yun are gorgeous…but as a female…I have to say their backs would break trying to carry the boobs they already have with the itty bitty wastes they’re rocking. Underbust size is just as important as actual bust size in terms of a woman’s figure (and is partially why we have torpedo boob problem right now). You can sort of manipulate their tummies through the chest and pelvis sliders but really, the underbust and waists tend to stay the same. Just as a reference, it seems the minimum size for boobs in this game are C-cups, but again, that could be their minuscule waists distorting how big the boobs look. I know they’re keeping to the original art style, but you can scale everything on the body and still keep the general feel.

Granted I’m also fine with how all the races look so far. The art style of this game is beautiful. But I do agree…fix jiggle physics please xD And give men more customization options. I applaud the game for giving men so many different hairs (it’s a crime that so many games think men only want buzz cuts or super flat long hair), but they do need less muscular options. If I can build a dainty or muscular female, then we should be able to do the same for the men.

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