In general forum’s in MMO’s are just used to qq, so let me start with something positive: I love this game (don’t comment, its not perfect like you all are)
I am amazed by the fact how much money is spend to promote this game on the web (try browsing a bit and you will see bns popping somewhere) VS amount of money spend to make it last.

now this I need to clarify I guess

Yes I am fully aware of the fact that it is a f2p game. don’t get wrong there, f2p means you can basicly do anything in this game (product) without paying anything.
of course we see a lot qq that they cant beat walletwarriors and events are somewhat based on spending some irl money too. fine… are you also the type of dude who would go back to the supermarket who gave you some food for free saying “omfg this doesn’t taste so good”?

now NCS is a company, a business, intended to make some money. some might think a game like this was designed and published, spending hundreds of thousands hours by some dudes in the back of a garage? thing with f2p games is that they work based on a 90/10 income model. this means that 90% (or more) of the income is provided by 10% (or less) from their costumors (read gamers). how does that work? well you create a huge community by making it f2p and a minority will start spending a lot money to be ahead of the majority. that is totally fine! no one is forcing you to be in either group…

okay so far a bit of general info about how you should look at the “product” you are using..
the trouble is that the minority mentioned will not continue spending/playing if the majority leaves. try think in extreme’s, what if you are with 2 ppl on a server and 100 bots. would you spend 1$ to stay ahead of the other dude?

talking in general about the game as it progresses: there will always be qq, but a huge chunk of players are experiencing more and more and more lag/freezing/cant loot boss, cauz cant dps/cant pvp, cauz no ping etc etc etc. this has to change and SOON. servers will be empty and you walletwarriors will switch to other games.

I can only speak for myself at this point but I rather see advertising budget cut in half, next patch delayed a few weeks and spend the time/money on fixing things for real.

Stop denying, start working and just provide info on where NCS is heading regarding to improvements.

We play a MMO, a game.. it doesn’t hurt communicate as such. If you need an extra maintenance then just be fair and open why. I rather see a funny post on the forum like “dudes… one of our workers had a hangover and made a booboo, we try fix it asap” then totally no info at all.

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