NCwest does decide what counts as offensive language

Make it a feature that once a player has been reported by over a set amount of verified *different* players, the system will auto BAN that player’s account for 1 week on the 1st offense, perm ban on their 4th offense. (User: AttacKat)
Why wouldn’t it work:

Too easily abused. Don’t like someone? Have your guild report them until they get banned, bonus points if you do it 4 times in a row. Would be more destructive than it would be helpful, and create pointless workload of unbanning legitimate players while that attention should be diverted elsewhere. No community in any game can handle that kind of “power” right now, especially not this one. (User: Volmie)

Yet my friend got a 3day ban for offensive language.
He used a racial slur.
So apparently NCwest does decide what counts as offensive language. (User: luzt)
Technically, they do decide what counts and what doesn’t, which is part of the problem. Reporting someone through the site takes way too long and is too inefficient for most people to bother. With clear rules, description for reporting, and even Community-GMs chosen from Community it would be more clean and faster.
Way several MMOs went was appointing players to take care of going through the chat logs and banning toxic players (specific conditions like – if abused the power, perma ban for them, complete removal from community etc). Obviously, many times it had to be extremely rough behavior to succeed in a ban, but there were warnings for players who threw death threats left and right.

Stop trying to police language. If you don’t like what someone says, that’s what the block button is for, and if you get “scammed” then that’s your own fault for not paying attention. (User: Doson)
If you’re able to get a fine or be thrown into jail for extreme cases or discrimination, you should be also able to be removed from the gaming community. I don’t care what language you use as long as you’re not attacking any group of people. (Please, y’all know I’m not talking about random yelling after PvP match, I talk about real abuse).

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