Need Advice on Offerings (to evolve weapon & accessories)

I need advice on weapons & accessories which can be used as offering items to evolve my hong-moon stuff. I have recently turned lvl 45, and I have been stacking weapons and accessories of green and blue colors of different requirement levels so that I can use all these as offerings to evolve my current gears. It has come to the point that I can’t save any more weapons and accessories due to limited inventory space. I still need some upgrades to do until breakthroughs. I wanted to test and see which type of offering items would be the most cost-effective (reasonable cost & high xp boost-up). Ideally, purples are the best offerings because they provide high xp. However, I would not use keys for purple offerings. Even if I had purples, I would salvage them for crafting material. Now…. green and blue items….. of course, need to consider item level as well…

1. blues are always better than greens
2. Higher level offerings are always better than lower level offerings

For example, three green offerings (lvl 38) cost 20 silvers and provide xp amount of 5. One blue offering (lvl 43 or 45) costs 6~7 silvers and provide at least xp amount of 5 or much higher. But I don’t think this is always true…. depending on types of offering items and where you use those offering items on…. xp amount change… costs change…

Another example, two blue offerings (lvl 39) costs more and gives less xp when compared to only one blue offering item (lvl 45)

I am really confused and I simply don’t know.
Maybe lvl 45 blue is the best choice for an offering item?????

I’m very poor… trying to save money to buy moonwater transformation stones as these are required to evolve my weapon and accessories. upgrading costs too much money… and I cant simply add any low level/mid level green items or blues to offerings because upgrading costs dramatically change depending on which offerings you choose.

To all level 45s, please share your thoughts and give me advice, HELP ME

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